Customer Stories

We love our customers. We invite them to happy hours, we send them personal cards, we try their products, and we tell their stories. Check out these short stories about Shippo community members - how they got started, what they're selling, and how they're using Shippo.
Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: specializes in new and preowned games from retro to next-gen consoles, catering not only to the average gamer, but to video game collectors around the world. You can find some of the rarest and hardest to find video ... Read More

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Green Label Organic

Green Label Organic is a family owned and operated t-shirt company located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. They offer a colorful collection of 100% certified organic, ring spun cotton T-shirts and tops. Their super-soft, low impact, garment dyed ... Read More

Green Label Organic

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Fanjoy

Fanjoy is a subscription service for music fans to connect with their favorite artist in a more meaningful way. Fanjoy works with popular musicians to create packages for their fans that ships directly to their door every 3 months. These ... Read More


Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: lane russell

"Shippo has helped our business by removing pain points involved with the shipping process. We're now able to stay focused on what matter most: our customers." Story: "I’m obsessed with small details and the idea of bringing something ... Read More

lane russell

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Greenbelly

Greenbelly makes one-of-a-kind complete meals on-the-go with all natural ingredients. Their bars come in yummy flavors like Cranberry Almond & Dark Chocolate Banana. Each one is unique for its nutritional profile, including 1/3 of your daily nutrition for 6 core ... Read More


Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: ViteGuide

Pete Gorman and Steve Chopp started ViteGuide to simplify supplements and help people lead healthier lives. Most people are overwhelmed with choosing supplements and will turn to anyone for advice. A result of this confusion is poor compliance and limited ... Read More


Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Bikini Luxe

Bikini Luxe is all about making woman feel beautiful and sexy when they revel in sunshine. The company's founder, Candice Galek, is a self-described bikini geek, tirelessly committed to marrying comfort and style to bring women the perfect teeny ... Read More

Bikini Luxe

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Taaluma Totes

Founded by two 20-somethings with a thirst for adventure, color, and giving back, Taaluma Totes was created to bring spunk and local culture to an everyday item - backpacks. Jack & Alley travel the world to countries like Mali, Ivory Coast, Guatemala ... Read More

Taaluma Totes

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Pijon

A PijonBox is the perfect gift for parents, family, and friends to send college students a monthly surprise. The goodie box is hand-curated, filled with healthy snacks, beauty supplies, household essentials, and cheeky trinkets. Pijon aims to keep families connected ... Read More


Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Ix Style

Ix-Style founder Francesca Kennedy is on a mission. Hailing from Guatemala, Francesca was inspired on a trip to her home country to affect change on a large level by addressing the pressing need for clean water. She happened to be ... Read More

Ix Style

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Alluressories

Alluressories is an online jewelry shop, based in Los Angeles. Trendy, gorgeous jewelry is their passion. Evoking classic elegance with a pop of color. is a joint effort from two close friends: Kristy is passionate about anything related ... Read More


Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Kika's Treats

Kika’s Treats is an artisanal sweets company based in San Francisco, CA, which handcrafts award-winning chocolate-covered confections in deliciously unique flavors. Founded in 2006, the company’s commitment is to use the finest quality ingredients without anything artificial, with ... Read More

Kika's Treats

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: The Evolved Dog

The Evolved Dog is a small business providing high-quality products to enrich the lives of dogs. It's clear that founder, Leah Twitchell, runs The Evolved Dog as a value-oriented business: the toys, treats, beds, and other dog-accoutrements are eco-friendly ... Read More

The Evolved Dog

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Avenue K

What does Avenue K do? Here at Avenue K, we believe fashion is universal, but we know not everyone has access to the latest or most sought-after brands. Avenue K is a fashion marketplace that connects independent sellers, who have ... Read More

Avenue K

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Topson Downs

What does Topson Downs do? "Delivering fashion is our passion. Topson Downs established in 1971 has evolved into an industry leader both in the branded and private label segments of the garment business. With more than 300 associates based in ... Read More

Topson Downs

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Jemulet

What does Jemulet do? "Jemulet is an accessories line specializing in enamel and sterling silver charm bracelets that we produce in Italy. We have a growing online business at and are in several retail locations, including TSUM ... Read More


Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Barrington Candle

What does Barrington Candle do? Barrington Candle strives to create the best candles on the market. We only use the finest ingredients and pride ourselves on impeccable quality. Every candle is hand-poured in small batches to ensure every candle burns ... Read More

Barrington Candle

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Faerie Magazine

What does Faerie Magazine do? Faerie Magazine is a lush, high-end quarterly print magazine that celebrates everything magical and extraordinary in this world. We love fairy tales and nature and stories and lush, enchanting photography. Faerie began in 2005 as ... Read More

Faerie Magazine

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Manus Swimwear

What does Manus Swimwear do? Manus swimwear is a men's swimwear collection specializing in cool unique prints and sophisticated solid colors. We offer three fits; a swim brief, fitted trunk and a tailored swim trunk that can transition from ... Read More

Manus Swimwear

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Bohemian Guitars

What does Bohemian Guitars do? Bohemian Guitars is rethinking music products by creating a fun, stylish, and sustainable way for the world to make music. Passionate about art, music and community outreach, Bohemian Guitars puts a creative spin on a ... Read More

Bohemian Guitars

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Rana Jabero

What does Rana Jabero do? Rana Jabero’s mission is to create stylish, high-quality jewelry pieces that are made to last, not just for the current fashion trend – but for life. I am a self-taught jewelry artist. I started making ... Read More

Rana Jabero

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Beach Doggies

What does Beach Doggies do? Here at Beach Doggies, we aim to offer all of the dog beach essentials that will ensure that you and your pups are prepared to have some fun in the sun! After many trips to ... Read More

Beach Doggies

Shippo Customer Story: Customer Story: Alpha Clothing Co.

What does Alpha Clothing Co. do? Alpha Clothing Co. provides premium apparel and accessories, for the health and fitness industry. From the 'beginner' working to make better health choices, to the elite athletes, our apparel is completely custom designed using ... Read More

Alpha Clothing Co.