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The Challenge

Weebly is the easiest way to build a website. They’ve found that beyond the technological hurdle of building a website, many businesses are also presented with challenges ranging from product marketing to customer support, fulfillment, scheduling, social media campaigns, and countless additional categories.

In Oct 2015, Weebly introduced Carbon, a total relaunch of their platform with the addition of the App Center. Beyond building a website, Carbon is partnered with third-party experts who can introduce one-click integrations that can help Weebly entrepreneurs solve the businesses challenges they’re faced with.

Shipping was one of the biggest pain-points brought up by Weebly businesses. Shippo was brought onboard to provide a cost-effective and simple shipping solution.

  • Weebly launched Carbon, a revamp of their platform with an App Center for users to access the tools they need to build their businesses right from their dashboard.
  • The App Center partnered with third-parties experts who can create one-click integrations that Weebly users can use right on their dashboard.
  • Shipping was one of the biggest pain points highlighted by e-commerce businesses, so Shippo was brought onboard, as one of their official app partners.

The Solution

To create a smooth user experience, Shippo built a widget on top of the Weebly dashboard using the Weebly Cloud API. The goal is to allow Weebly users to create shipping labels straight from their Weebly dashboard.

  • Add Shippo from the Carbon App Store
  • Merchants create a Shippo account from the Shippo website. They are immediately connected to the entire network of shipping providers that Shippo supports and have access to up to 70% off USPS and DHL Express shipping rates
  • From here, Weebly users have the option to start shipping from the Shippo dashboard where their Weebly orders will be automatically imported, or to return to the Weebly dashboard
  • To ship on the Weebly dashboard, users simply have to click the “Create a Shipping Label” button from within each of their orders. After purchasing the label, they’ll be able to return to the order to print, refund, or manage label

The Results

Since launch, Shippo has been one of the most popular apps on the App Center. Weebly continually receives praise for the Shippo app from users, citing it as one of the best money and time-saving tools for their business.

In 2016, Weebly and Shippo began working together to make the Shippo app a native experience within the dashboard, extending the functionality across all e-commerce sites by default.

  • Shippo App is one of the highest rated apps on the Carbon app store
  • Weebly merchants now how the ability to access multiple carriers from one location, get discounted USPS and DHL shipping labels and streamline their fulfillment process
  • Shippo will become a native part of the Weebly experience, allowing businesses to ship seamlessly from their dashboard
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It’s a great benefit to be able to offer Shippo as a tightly integrated part of the Weebly platform, saving our users time, money, and frustration. We have a few entrepreneurs, like The Alibi Interiors, who say the integration has saved them hours a day running their small business - to us, that’s a success.
Will Ranish
Business Development

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