When starting their business, the Lyrically Correct team didn’t waste any time. Once they made their business official, they already had products available to sell within months! As a small business that started growing rapidly, it no longer made sense to follow manual processes – Lyrically Correct needed a shipping partner that could scale with them while simplifying their shipping process.
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Lyrically Correct is a Black-owned family business founded in March 2020 by couple duo Dee (Head of Strategy) and Tiffany (COO), and Julez (VP) and Nikki (Executive Administrator). Both couples have been together for well over a decade, joining forces to create the business. One of the partners saw something on social media that sparked the idea and brought it to the family. They realized there wasn’t an existing head-to-head game that catered to their musical families. The team quickly saw an opportunity to combine their love for music and passion for game nights into a business!

Lyrically Correct is a head-to-head music trivia game where customers can play along to different genres of music. Their current product portfolio includes decks with 90’s & 2000’s R&B/Hip Hop, Gospel, and 60’s/70s soul music! Their goal is to connect family and friends through nostalgic moments, bringing joy to players through music. As a Black-owned business, they aim to represent Black culture; however, music is universal so they wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy.

A vital aspect of their business is customer service, which is rooted in their core values of culture, quality, integrity, and people, each of which is summarized here below:

Culture: Represent the black culture through language, dialect and style.

Quality: Commitment to putting the best product out with customer service at the forefront.

Integrity: Ensure honesty with customers, vendors, and within the company.

People: Treat all customers and partners with respect, love, and care.

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The Challenge:

Once Lyrically Correct became official in March 2020, they already had products available to sell in September 2020. This meant they had to find a manufacturer, do quality control, and figure out how to ship within months. Right away they faced shipping delays with their overseas manufacturer, which pushed their timeline back from pre-sale orders they had accumulated. In addition, they were faced with holiday delays months after launching. Once they finally received their inventory, they faced a new set of challenges when processing their orders.

Tiffany, COO of Lyrically Correct, shared that the team would go to the post office every day and scan each item manually. As a small business growing rapidly, it no longer made sense to follow such a manual process for hundreds of orders. “Our business had scaled as a whole with an increase in orders over the year. “We could no longer have orders scanned individually at the post office and processing these individual orders within Shopify without a manifest just slowed us down”, noted Tiffany.

The Lyrically Correct team decided that in order to scale their business for the future, they needed to find a shipping partner that would grow with them.

The Solution:

After researching and testing out different shipping solutions, Lyrically Correct turned to Shippo in January 2021 to help them get products out the door faster. They found Shippo to be the most user friendly of all the services they tried. “It was a no brainer!” stated Tiffany, COO of Lyrically Correct.

Because Shippo is a featured app within Shopify, the team simply downloaded the Shippo app and were assigned an account executive who walked them through how to use the solution, and assisted them with any questions they had. “When there is an issue, Shippo has been very proactive with getting everything done”, said Tiffany.

All four core business owners are active Shippo users, and they were all thrilled at how easy it was to use. “All of us have different day trades outside of Lyrically Correct. We are not technical people –  we are business owners just trying to make things work. Anything that is too technical or hard to use is an absolute no. Shippo was extremely easy to use! Anything we didn’t understand, your team was there to support us”, shared Tiffany.

In addition to being easy to use, Shippo also had the lowest cost compared to others. “Discounted shipping price is a win-win for us because when we save money, the customer also saves money”, said Tiffany.

Because Shippo directly integrates with their Shopify account, they can process their orders and pull information as needed, and with the manifest Shippo generates, they can easily package the orders, bring them to the post office, and quickly wrap up the entire end-to-end process! Shippo makes things super simple for them so they have more time to do other things, whether it be business or family-related!

The Results:

After partnering with Shippo, Lyrically Correct has increased their team’s efficiency by more than 3X. “One of the biggest benefits for us is better time management from processing orders quickly and less time spent at the post office. Some days we have 250 orders, some days we have 600. With Shippo, we are able to process our orders, package them, take one manifest to the post office, and be done, all within a 24-48 hour turnaround time”, said Tiffany.

Some significant benefits for the Lyrically Correct team include:

  • In 2021, the business shipped 26,000+ across the country.
  • With Shippo’s carrier connections, the team was able to switch 35% of their orders to a different carrier, creating a significant cost savings for their customers.
  • By leveraging different carriers, in Q4, during the busiest time of the year, their average transit time was only 3 days!

As Lyrically Correct looks to the future, they know they can rely on Shippo to help support their tremendous growth and continue to optimize their shipping process.

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