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Easily safeguard your shipments with Shippo’s shipping insurance, Shippo Total Protection. Protect your bottom line and provide a better customer experience.
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Shippo’s Shipping Insurance
Of the nation has experienced package theft in their life
Shipments arrive damaged
Packages are lost nationwide every day
Of consumers are unlikely to repurchase after a poor delivery experience

Benefits of insured package delivery

Complete protection with insured package delivery
Extensive coverage
Protect your packages against loss, damage, or theft. Insure packages shipped to and from almost anywhere in the world by any carrier.

Get reimbursed for a package's total order value, shipping label, return shipping (for damaged packages), and re-shipping costs.

Branded packages are also covered, so you can protect your packages while maintaining your brand identity. See terms and conditions.
Quick reimbursement for shipping insurance claims
Easy and fast claims process
With a paperless claims process, easily file and track the status of your claims through an online portal.

Most claims are processed and reimbursed in less than 3 days, so you can get your money back quickly and keep your cash flow steady.
Affordable premiums
Keep shipping insurance affordable and costs down for your business and your customers.

You’ll pay as low as 1.25% of the order’s total value.

Two ways to use Shippo Total Protection

With our Web App

Easy-access insured package delivery in Shippo’s web app
Easily add insurance to an order when creating a label. 
Or, streamline your shipping process by automatically adding shipping insurance to all orders over a specified value.
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With our API

Get shipping insurance through Shippo’s API
Insure your shipments programmatically via the
 Shippo API. Check out the documentation on our easy-to-use, customizable, and reliable API with a 99.99% uptime.
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Still not sure if insured shipping is right for you?

We’ve got you covered: see the cost-benefit analysis and ROI on adding shipping insurance to your labels.