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Create Shipping Labels with Shippo

The shipping solution that automates and streamlines your process to save you time and money.

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Tracking With More Details and More Updates

Your customers are binge watching their tracking information. Give them the constant, detailed updates they’re looking for.

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Detailed shipment information

Include addresses, carrier information, and shipping service to provide peace of mind

Comprehensive tracking history

Details about location, time, and status to reference if an issue arises

Up-to-date Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

We analyze your package data to estimate time of delivery, so customers can plan ahead

Original ETA

Display the original ETA and any changes, so you can identify late packages

Tracking That Goes the Extra Mile

Don’t settle for the tracking information that comes standard from the carriers. Shippo helps you get more out of your tracking data and automatically pass updates on to your customers.

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Real-time updates and webhooks

Immediate package updates provide the ultimate customer experience

Standardized tracking across all carriers

Help customers know what to expect by offering consistent tracking

A la carte tracking

Track packages created outside of Shippo, so you can keep tabs on your shipments

Branded tracking pages

Customize your tracking pages to build your brand with customers

Customizable shipping notification emails

Customize email notifications and subject lines to include your branding

Returns That Build Customer Loyalty

Attract the 95% of people that will buy again after a positive return experience.

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Saved package information

Easily create return labels for any order in your package history

Return shipping options

Have the choice to change the shipping service on the return trip

Scan-based returns

Only pay for return labels once they’re used to provide a customer-friendly experience

Standalone returns

Purchase return labels for packages created outside of the Shippo platform to offer returns for all packages you ship

Our Customers Love Us

We pride ourselves on removing the friction from shipping for our customers, so that they can focus on what they do best.

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