ShipBob's innovative fulfillment platform enables businesses to take full advantage of their growing e-commerce needs. Their intuitive dashboard and a global network of warehouses provide enterprise-level logistic services to businesses across the globe.
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The Challenge

ShipBob provides warehousing, fulfillment, and inventory management services for businesses around the world. In order to provide the best service to their merchants, ShipBob relies on stable and reliable shipping carrier connections allowing them to scale in volume and provide new offerings. When orders come in, ShipBob needs to efficiently generate and purchase shipping labels instantly across multiple carriers.

However, integrating with each carrier individually and maintaining an entire shipping backend meant a high engineering overhead. So ShipBob turned to Shippo for a reliable and robust shipping API to help them integrate with a global network of shipping carriers through one API.

  • ShipBob’s services grew and scaled 5x year over year and demanding support for more volume and shipping selections
  • Shipping backend needs to be reliable and scalable to meet a rapidly growing volume of shipments in less than two years
  • Build an in-house shipping technology would’ve meant a large engineering investment

The Solution

ShipBob integrated the Shippo API directly into their order and inventory management dashboard. From the dashboard, businesses can automatically sync orders from their storefront to ShipBob, select their shipping preferences, and fulfill orders on-demand. Shippo’s API systematically finds the most fitting shipping rate for the order and purchases the shipping label as packers fulfill each order, allowing merchants to receive the best option for their needs.

ShipBob engineers were able to integrate and build their custom shipping flow using Shippo’s API within just a weekend, whereas typically custom shipping flows can take months to implement. Using the Shippo C# client library and API documentation, ShipBob gained total control over shipping without having to invest in building and maintaining an entire shipping backend service.

  • Warehouse staff needed shipping labels to be generated instantly to keep up with their fulfillment process
  • Shippo API was integrated into ShipBob’s custom order and inventory management system
  • ShipBob was able to integrate Shippo over a weekend to gain total control over shipping

The Results

With Shippo, ShipBob is able to offer their merchants a complete shipping experience including a selection of domestic and international carriers, international shipping support, shipping insurance, scan-based return labels, and shipment tracking. For ShipBob’s fulfillment operations, the Shippo API connects with each shipping carrier to select the appropriate service level, gather rates, and purchase the shipping label.

ShipBob no longer needs to worry about the reliability and scalability of their shipping backend with Shippo.

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"Shippo is a great partner and their customer service is excellent. The team went out of their way to make sure our carrier agreements got implemented and played an important role in coordinating with the carrier. Shippo got us past the finish line."
Divey Gulati
CEO and Co-founder

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