Address validation with Shippo's Addresses API

Shippo Address API
Minimize issues caused by inaccurate or missing addresses and save on label and labor costs
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Shippo Address API
Of addresses contain errors
Reduction in address-related delivery issues if an address is validated
Likelihood of errors occurring with manual address entry


Address validation
Validate U.S. and global addresses by leveraging our aggregated database for enhanced accuracy to improve delivery.
Address parsing
Quickly convert a single string of text into up to 10 address components to expedite checkout for customers.
Address book
Store customer addresses to reduce manual data entry and expedite future purchases for customers.


Reduce costs
Easily identify suggested address changes and use our Confidence Score to help decide whether to accept or reject them. Prevent delays, lost packages, and surcharges due to inaccurate addresses and protect your bottom line.
Improve productivity
Ship packages faster by instantly correcting addresses to avoid stopping your operations, and by storing and reusing addresses to reduce manual data entry.
Elevate customer experience
Ensure every package reaches your customers by identifying invalid addresses and prompting customers to fix them during checkout.

Expedite future purchases for customers by allowing them to save their addresses during checkout.

Our Addresses API is flexible, reliable, and easy to implement

Built on standards
Our API is built on Rest, OpenAPI 3.1. It’s also GDPR and CCPA compliant.
Leading documentation
We have easy to use documentation that makes implementation seamless.
Clear error messaging
Error messages are easy to understand so issues can be seamlessly identified.
Ultimate flexibility
Our API can be built into your own applications or seamlessly integrated into our core shipping API.

An end-to-end parcel shipping solution

Our Addresses API works seamlessly with our Shipping API to optimize shipping for every parcel.