We think know we've got something special here

Founder Story

Shippo was founded in 2013 by co-founders Laura and Simon. They originally set out to build an online store and experienced first-hand the complexities of shipping. That’s when they shifted gears and started Shippo, to help merchants scale their business through shipping and help create a world-class shipping experience for all customers.

What we do

We’re building the shipping platform for 21st-century e-commerce. Shippo was designed to give every merchant access to the best-in-class tools and technology reserved for retail giants until now. We’re here to show businesses they don’t have to be the size of Amazon to have a platform that can help them ship like one.
Through Shippo, e-commerce businesses, marketplaces, platforms, and a variety of logistics infrastructure providers can connect to shipping carriers around the world from one API and dashboard. Today, with more than 100K e-commerce merchants and partnerships with an extensive network of carriers across the globe, we are building an ecosystem of strategic tech partners using “Shippo For Platforms” as their native shipping solutions through e-commerce platforms, c2c marketplaces, and logistics infrastructure providers.

A winning track record

Our multi-carrier shipping software is well-equipped to support you as your needs grow.
Brands that trust Shippo
Potential savings on shipping labels
Annual gross merchandise volume
Average YoY growth for Shippo brands

Our “Shippos Everywhere” 
remote-first philosophy

Our “Shippos Everywhere” 
remote-first philosophy

We are building the shipping platform for 21st-century e-commerce and doing it as a globally distributed, remote-first workforce.
We believe in Shippos Everywhere–meaning teams can be successful regardless of location. At Shippo, we expect our employees–lovingly titled Shippos–to be a proactive and thoughtful bunch while also being deliberate with their time. We value empathy, compassion, and curiosity, and look for individuals who ask questions and feel comfortable leading the charge–no matter what seat they sit in–we trust our team members to get their work done. At large, we follow our values in how we work.

2024 Offsite Approach

We aim to make team offsites as seamless as possible. Leaders work with teams to pick from a variety of North America-based locations and determine when and where to work best for their teams to gather. The People Team helps leaders plan the agenda, all logistics are handled by our partners, teams receive dedicated meeting rooms, but also get to check out what other teams are doing, attend group dinners, and meet other Shippos. All offsite locations align with the following criteria:
  • Less than 1 hour from a major airport
  • Offsites are only 3 nights and 2 days, Tuesday - Thursday
  • A wide range of team-building activities are available
  • Consistent budgets across locations
  • Offsites typically take place the 3rd week of a given month, excluding our “Annual All Company Get Together,” and Holiday Shutdown

Some of our benefits


Since we are a fully remote company, we offer up to a one-time, $500 home office set-up and monthly $100 stipend to cover phone and internet.
time off
Exempt employees may take time off as needed, without accruing paid time off (PTO) under a traditional plan.
We offer 17 company holidays per year, including a “Holiday Shutdown” the week of December 25th.

We offer up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave for all birthing and non-birthing parents.
time off (VTO)
Employees receive 3 days each year to volunteer with a non-profit or at a philanthropic event of their choice.
We cover the costs of the employee contribution 401(k) plan through Fidelity.
We reward up to $2,000 if your referred candidate is hired for a full-time position.

Our values-based culture

Our values are a core part of how we operate, collaborate, and make decisions as “Shippos.” In addition to these values, we believe in giving feedback openly and treating coworkers with empathy and compassion. We look for people to join us who are curious and ask questions, feel empowered to “lead the charge,” and “act like owners” to drive our business forward, no matter what seat they are in.
Path to green
We have agency and create our own paths to green. When we get stuck we come up with solutions and build a path. We make the impossible possible. The color green is our Shippo color and represents a growth mindset, our ability to move forward and find solutions.
Drivers not packages
We are the drivers behind the success of the company. Everyone here is actively pushing the company forward every day with their actions. We love packages but we don’t want to be one. We are not passively along for the ride but we are all owners of Shippo’s success.
Haven’t won yet
Shipping in incredibly complex. We are just at the beginning of what we want to achieve. We wake up every day thinking about how we can change the trajectory of this company. We are here to win. We bring that level of intensity to work every day.
Ship to learn
We take an iterative approach to delivering value. Speed matters and we ship to learn. We have a growth mindset. We learn from our mistakes and failures to make us better. We take chances, try new things and learn from them.
Our customers win
If our customers ship more, we ship more. We put delivering customer value first in everything we do.
Compassionate Candor
We communicate from a position of care and our pursuit of a common goal. Candor and compassion go hand in hand in making us better as one Shippo team.

Meet our leaders

Our experienced and compassionate leadership team brings a variety of expertise across tech, shipping, e-commerce, and logistics, and are alumni of DoorDash, Uber, Postmates, Checkr, Amazon, Pinterest, and Microsoft… to name a few.