Pre-built ecommerce shipping integrations with customizable UI

Elements enables your merchants with instant access to shipping capabilities and cost savings.
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Unlock global markets
Give your merchants access to enterprise-class rates and discounts from over 40 global carriers, no matter their shipping volume.
Customize your brand
Native shipping wouldn’t be native if it didn’t blend into your product.
Extended functionality
Elements offers all the features you need to bring the best shipping experience to your merchants.

  • Batch fulfillment
  • Address management
  • Shipping insurance
  • Reporting & analytics
Dedicated support
Our team ensures a smooth integration from scoping to implementation and helps you expand your services with strategic support.


Labels & rates
  • Create, format, and buy shipping labels
  • Print labels and packing slips
  • Shop rates across 40+ global carriers
  • Shippo manages compliance requirements and carrier negotiations
  • Track packages
  • Multi-carrier support
  • Reduce support inquiries
Address book
  • Add, edit, and store customer addresses
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Expedite check out
Billing & invoicing
  • View billing and invoices
  • Provide refunds for shipping labels

Unlock instant solutions: skip the DIY

Native shipping no longer requires heavy integrations or maintenance. Elements handles the fundamentals—such as compliance requirements, carrier negotiations, and infrastructure maintenance—so you can focus on what matters.

Give your merchants an edge

Increase in shipping adoption. Merchants sign up fast when they can use native shipping instead of a third party app.
Reduction in address-related delivery issues if an address is validated
Increase in users purchasing their first shipping label. 
A seamless experience for managing both orders and fulfillment improves performance.

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Arik Perez
Arik Perez
Head of E-commerce
Shipping can be complicated with many moving parts and with Shippo’s leading shipping solutions, business owners using Wix can be assured that their shipping needs are met.

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Spend less time on development and accelerate your time to market.