Snapfulfil is a cloud-based tier-one warehouse management system which drives efficient processes to optimize space, inventory and resources in the warehouse.
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The Challenge

The shipping offerings that Snapfulfil has as part of their core native solution only supported a few of the major carriers. But they were finding that more customers were growing internationally or using regional carriers to fulfill in local markets where they didn’t have integrations in place. Snapfulfil needed a partner that would be able to extend their carrier reach.

Snapfulfil looked for a shipping technology partner that would allow them to continue providing a native shipping solution. However, they did not want to constantly add new carriers one-by-one and maintain the integrations. They found the breadth and depth of the Shippo platform attractive with an expansive global carrier network, flexible API and app that works in sync.

  • More Snapfulfil customers are demanding international and local shipping carriers
  • Snapfulfil did not want to be in the business of developing and maintaining their own carrier integrations
  • Snapfulfil still wanted a native shipping experience as part of their platform

The Solution

First, Snapfulfil customers sign up and connect their Shippo account, connecting the two systems. When Snapfulfil needs a shipping label, it calls the Shippo API to generate the shipping label and brings it back to Snapfulfil’s native workflow for printing at the shipping station.

From the perspective of warehouse employees, Snapfulfil is the only system they will use. Shippo’s integration is seamless and completely behind-the-scenes. Shippo’s user interface is only used for administrative tasks such as managing billing, adding or updating carrier accounts, or checking one-off shipment statuses.

Integrating Shippo to Snapfulfil took 2-3 weeks, including extensive on-site end-to-end testing.

  • Shippo deals with customer billing and carrier account management
  • For warehouse employees, Snapfulfil is the only system used, Shippo is completely behind-the-scenes
  • Integration with Shippo took 2-3 weeks, including on-site testing

The Results

Today, Snapfulfil never needs to turn a customer away because of new carrier requirements. Shippo has become the shipping arm of Snapfulfil, helping bring on new carrier integrations and maintain carrier relationships. Since integrating with Shippo, Snapfulfil has brought on many new customers with additional carriers.

“WMS is a mission-critical system. Besides the technology, we are continually impressed by how Shippo supports us and our customers with fast, responsive and knowledgeable support in all areas from new carrier requirements to shipping how-to’s.”

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Today, when a new or existing customer asks about a new carrier, we don’t have to turn them away. We can always rely on Shippo to get it into place, and pull it up into their roadmap. Nobody else is able to do that for us.
Kirk Anderson
EVP of North America Sales

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