BonLook designs, manufactures, and ships prescription eyeglasses right to your door. They cut out the middleman and heavy distribution structures most eyewear brands have to bring beautiful frames to customers at a fraction of the cost.
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The Challenge:

Since BonLook ships to many different countries, they needed to connect with multiple different carrier APIs. However, documentation for these carrier APIs was poor and with minimal support. They were worried about the time and effort it would take for each individual integration, the introduction of a messy and bulky codebase, and the maintenance it would require overtime.

In addition, the BonLook team looked for a solution that would give them access to shipment information through a cloud-based web app so they could access all their orders anywhere, as well as a partner with pay-per-label billing. So BonLook tried Shippo.

  • The business was growing and individual carrier APIs would take too long to implement and a lot of effort to maintain.
  • Carrier API documentation was poor, integration would be messy and make the codebase very bulky.
  • Wanted access to orders through a cloud-based application.

The Solution:

Shippo was able to provide BonLook access to all their domestic and international carriers through one integration. Unlike individual carrier APIs, Shippo supported their RESTful API with intuitive documentation and great customer support, making it easy to connect with BonLook’s codebase.

Since the BonLook system was built on Python, they easily integrated the Shippo API using the Python client library. With the API fully integrated into the BonLook system, customer orders automatically pushed to the Shippo dashboard.

This dashboard allows the BonLook Operations team to print shipping labels with just a few clicks, from anywhere. When needed, their Customer Success team can also get order information, enabling them to search for existing orders, and track transactions across carriers all from within one location.

BonLook also took advantage of Shippo’s pay-per-label pricing and highly discounted shipping rates. This way they were able to only pay for what they were using.

  • Connected with Shippo using the Python client library. One integration provided them access to all the carriers they needed for domestic and international shipments.
  • BonLook was given access to a cloud-based dashboard to search for shipments, track parcels, and manage orders.

The Results:

With Shippo, BonLook was able to successfully scale their shipping operations to include multiple carriers with zero engineering resources dedicated to maintaining shipping.

A great side-effect of this new shipping process was the boost in customer experiences they were able to provide to end-consumers. Since it was easier and more efficient for BonLook’s operations team to search for orders and check on shipments, they were able to provide speedy and accurate responses to any shipment problems.

  • Zero resources needed to maintain shipping.
  • Shippo helped create a smooth shipping process, bettering their customer service as a side effect.
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"Shippo was a simple addition to our system. Their Python client library was especially fantastic for integration since our codebase was also built in Python. We were able to connect our system with theirs in no time, gaining access to multiple carriers at once."
Louis-Felix Boulanger
COO & Co-Founder

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