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Vango is an online marketplace for original artwork that connects buyers, both first-time and experienced, to independent artists. Vango works to fill your home with beautiful, unique, and meaningful artwork while empowering artists to keep creating.
Integrating Shippo’s one API for multiple carriers was incredibly easy to get up-and-running, especially with their documentation and very responsive customer service. Shippo’s robust and stable system allowed us to scale the business without worrying about shipping.
Win Raguini


Vango offers artists and buyers free shipping and returns on all pieces. Previous to working with Shippo, Vango used another shipping label solution for their shipping.

The other API was time­-consuming to maintain and offered minimal customer support services, causing development obstacles and delays. The integration also only provided them USPS postage which ­restricted their ability to expand internationally. In order to add more carriers, Vango had to invest weeks of engineering time to integrate with each carrier’s API, insert messy code patches, and require additional resources to maintain them over time.

So Vango looked for a better multi­-carrier shipping API to help them scale their shipping operations.

  • Previous integration was difficult to maintain, and their customer service did not match the speed that Vango was working at, causing long developmental delays
  • The previous implementation was not multi-carrier, only offering USPS postage. Any international expansion required adding other carriers to the system
  • Integrating with other carrier APIs was time-­consuming, messy, and require even more resources to maintain


One of Win’s biggest concerns with integrating a new API was engineering time. Since their development team was still very small, any time used for integration was lost time for building the core product.

After finding Shippo, the Vango engineering team was able to easily integrate our RESTful API with the guidance of Shippo documentation and support team. Immediately, they had access to 14 different domestic and international carriers, as well as deep rate discounts with USPS.

As a Shippo customer, they were also able to access an easy­-to-­use dashboard to track and manage their entire shipping operation in one location. This was a feature that they had to custom build on top of the other shipping API.

  • One simple integration with the Shippo API connected them with 14 different domestic and international carriers
  • Tapped into Shippo’s USPS discounts
  • Access to a simple dashboard for creating, tracking, and searching all shipments all in one place


After switching to Shippo a year ago, Vango has had zero resources dedicated to maintaining shipping, and any shipping concerns were easily resolved by contacting Shippo support. They have also been able to tap into Shippo’s deep discount rates.

The Vango team is now able to better focus on their core product, soon to be expanding internationally. In fact, the Shippo dashboard has now become an integral tool for their operations team making it easier for them to create, track, and search for shipments from one location.

  • Zero resources dedicated to maintaining shipping
  • Shippo dashboard is now an essential tool for their operations team

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