Strapping is the first fashion and lifestyle brand for gay men. They curate a seasonal fashion subscription box and hand pick bold, seasonal pieces that match your tastes and push your limits. Underwear, jeans, tees, button downs, and more.

Business Type: Subscription Box Service

Stephen Conn, Co-founder

Shipping is not at the core of our business, our time is better spent on providing great experiences to our customers. Shippo allowed us focus on that. We currently have zero resources assigned to maintaining shipping, and are even able to use the Shippo dashboard to look up information that lets us better help our customers.

Our time is better spent on providing great experiences to our customers. Shippo allowed us focus on that.


As a lifestyle brand, Strapping is focused on providing great customer experiences and curating the right pieces for their Members. But as the business grew, shipping became time-consuming, expensive to maintain, and ate directly into their margins. For every Member, Strapping needs to send a package, provide a return label, and manage the status of the package the entire way. Since the subscription includes shipping, every dollar they can save on shipping goes directly into their bottom line.

They also wanted to expand internationally, and needed to integrate with multiple carriers. It became very apparent that they needed a better way to maintain this process, and so they found Shippo.

  • As the business grew, managing shipments became time-consuming and expensive.
  • Lowering shipping costs. Since shipping is included in the cost of each subscription, every dollar saved goes directly into Strapping's bottom line.
  • Integration with multiple carriers for international expansions.
  • Shipping is not core to the business, it needs to function without maintenance.


Strapping used Shippo’s simple, straight-forward API to get up and running within a few hours. Right away, they were able to access multiple international carriers - instantly allowing them to expand their business.

They improved their customer experience by putting scan-based return labels right in the box, knowing that they will only be charged if the label is used. Now Members try on more products because it’s so convenient to return a shipment if they don’t want to keep the piece.

Although Strapping is integrated with the Shippo API, their operations team is still able to use the Shippo dashboard to easily search and manage shipments. This allows them to update customers on the status of their shipment without needing to get engineering involved every time. The team now had a scalable tool that enabled them to provide an even better customer experience and add to the core of their business.

  • Integrated the Shippo API within hours.
  • Immediate access to international carrier, and discounts to domestic rates.
  • Ability to provide a return label inside each subscription box, only being charged if the label is used.
  • Simple dashboard for easy access to shipment tracking and management.


Strapping has opened up their subscriptions to two countries since integrating with Shippo, and have been able easily manage the customs process straight from the Shippo API.

Strapping currently has zero resources dedicated to maintaining the shipping process. With an easily accessible tracking dashboard, their support team can easily let Members know about the status of their shipments, and they are now able to provide Members with a shipping label directly inside the box for making returns a simple process. More than shipping, Strapping has now found a tool to help them better their customer experience.

  • Expansion to two countries.
  • Zero resources working on shipping.
  • Now able to generate scan-based return labels to put inside the box.
  • Shippo dashboard is used as an essential tool for improving customer service.