Sellbrite is a multichannel sales and inventory management solution for ecommerce sellers. Merchants can easily create and manage listings on multiple sales channels, control and sync inventory, and fulfill orders all from a single, intuitive interface that they love using. Business Type: Multichannel Inventory Management Solution
Shippo helped us close a crucial gap in our product and generate an entirely new revenue stream that we didn't have before. Shipping is not our core competency, it’s a piece of what we do. Because of that, it’s a value add to Sellbrite as a whole.
Brian Nolan
CEO and co-founder


Sellbrite’s goal is to streamline the entire inventory management lifecycle – listing, managing, receiving, shipping, and tracking. However, shipping was a gap in their product. Prior to Shippo, businesses who wanted to access shipping from Sellbrite had to sync their inventory to a third-party shipping software to print shipping labels then pass the tracking number back into their Sellbrite dashboard. The workflow was manual, and costly as businesses had to also pay for other 3rd-party shipping softwares.

To create a seamless experience on their platform, Sellbrite decided that they needed to implement shipping natively inside their app. They looked for a shipping API that would provide them with the flexibility to build shipping the way they needed, as well as clear, comprehensive documentation to guide them along the way.

  • Shipping was a missing piece for Sellbrite’s end-to-end inventory management system
  • 3rd-party shipping software created a poor experience for customers
  • Needed an API solution that could be fully integrated into their application



Sellbrite implemented shipping onto their platform using Shippo in three components:

Multi-Carrier Shipping Back-end

Shippo provided Sellbrite the ability to connect to multiple shipping carriers within one API. Businesses on Sellbrite are able to use Shippo’s USPS account to purchase discounted USPS labels, and add their own FedEx and UPS accounts directly through the carrier endpoints that Sellbrite exposed on directly on their dashboard.


Shipping User Interface

Sellbrite built a native shipping interface within their platform for businesses to manage their shipping.


Postage Wallet

To make the billing process more seamless and cost-effective for both Sellbrite and businesses shipping, Sellbrite implemented a postage wallet that businesses would auto-load. Shipping costs would come out of this user-based wallet directly, keeping transactions low.

  • Shipping API solution that is fully integrated into Sellbrite’s workflow
  • Sellbrite is able to offer a global network of carriers
  • Sellbrite can manage payments via existing customer wallet


Along with their inventory management system, Sellbrite is now able to offer discounted and simplified shipping as an additional value adding feature to their platform. They also opened a new revenue stream and method to balance their cash-flow over the slower holiday season with shipping and postage wallets.

Even better, customers who are utilizing Sellbrite’s native shipping solution built with Shippo to be stickier. The ability for customers to use Sellbrite end-to-end has decreased their churn as well.

  • Shipping is now a value add to Sellbrite’s entire platform
  • A new revenue opportunity with shipping
  • Customers shipping through Sellbrite are less likely to look for an alternative platform

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