The Best Deutsche Post API For E-commerce Businesses

Leverage Shippo's Deutsche Post API to access shipping rates from Deutsche Post and 60+ other carriers.

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The Best Deutsche Post API

Shippo is a multi-carrier shipping software. Shippo’s API is one integration point for 60+ carriers, including Deutsche Post. With Shippo’s Deutsche Post API, you can:

  • Buy Deutsche Post shipping labels
  • Manage tracking information
  • Produce manifests/SCAN forms
  • And much more!

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Supported Deutsche Post Service Levels
  • Postkarte
  • Standardbrief
  • Kompaktbrief
  • Grossbrief
  • Maxibrief
  • Maxibrief Plus
  • Warensendung Kompakt
  • Warensendung Gross
  • Warensendung Maxi (5 cm and 15 cm)
  • Warenbrief International

Why Shippo's Deutsche Post API?


Comprehensive Docs

Easy-to-follow documentation, tutorials, and API reference in our developer center.


Client Libraries

Quickly integrate with client libraries in PHP, Python, cURL, Ruby, NodeJS, Java, and C#.


Push-based Webhooks

Get notified of status changes as soon as they happen with zero delays, so you can stay up to date.


Developer Friendly

Our RESTful API offers clearly-defined endpoints, example code, and test mode.


Built for Scale

Our API was built for scale, performance, and reliability, so you can depend on it.


Great Technical Support

Our fast, helpful technical support team can answer any questions you have.

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