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How Reaction Commerce Built Shipping Using Shippo

By Richard Moot , Mon 20 Mar 2017

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We are proud to announce our partnership with Reaction Commerce, a completely open-source JavaScript platform for ecommerce experiences of today.

As a developer, I am excited to see Reaction Commerce partner with Shippo to provide shipping for their open-source, fully featured commerce platform built with developers in mind. This allows a completely native customer and seller shipping experience directly from the platform.

Reaction Commerce integrated Shippo into their platform using Shippo’s NodeJS client library. Since Reaction Commerce is an open source platform, I can use their code to highlight some best practices for integrating Shippo into applications and platforms.

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Shippo Summit: Shipping as a Competitive Advantage

By Shippo , Fri 03 Mar 2017


Shippo Summit 2017

Join us for the inaugural Shippo Summit: Shipping as a Competitive Advantage on April 28th in San Francisco.

While shipping is an essential part of every ecommerce business, it’s often thought of as a backroom operation and cost-center. However, successful companies have managed to harness shipping to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and grow their business. 

At the Shippo Summit, our goal is to show you how shipping can be used across all business operations. We will provide you with actionable strategies and insights that you can implement using your existing shipping infrastructure. 

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Optimizing Ecommerce Returns

By Shippo , Wed 01 Mar 2017

Every year, ecommerce retailers spend thousands of hours and dollars on optimizing their purchasing and unboxing experience. While streamlining the buyer experience is very important, ecommerce businesses often sideline what happens if the product just didn’t fit the customer’s needs. 

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