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Quickly and seamlessly create labels for your packages.

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Connect with carriers

A network of carriers all in one place to streamline your shipping

Save on shipping

Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, and more

Compare carrier rates

Get real-time rates to find the best match for your outgoing packages.

Easy integration

Save time by syncing orders and tracking information, no matter where you sell.

CSV upload

Generate labels from an existing order file to avoid manual entry errors

Address validation

Avoid failed deliveries by using our built-in global address validation


Improve the customer experience with hassle-free return labels

Customize Your Shipping

Personalize your shipping labels, customer notifications, and more to offer a unique, branded experience.

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Shipping labels and packing slips

Choose from a variety of packing slips and label formats that fit how you work

Branded tracking pages

Customize your tracking pages to build the right brand experience for your customers

Shipping notification emails

Send branded shipment emails that tell your story

A smart shipping platform

Save time on label creation by processing orders based on your history and preferences

Go Global

Shippo has your back when it comes to international shipping. We’ll help you through the customs forms and anything else that comes up.

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Customs forms

Pre-filled custom forms to expedite the label generation process

Paperless Trade

With Paperless Trade, you no longer need to print out Commercial Invoices

Become a Power Shipper

Put powerful shipping tools to use. Manage orders and customer needs effortlessly.

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Batch label printing

Print labels for multiple packages at once to keep up with order influxes


Create daily manifests and SCAN forms to fulfill carrier requirements

Analytics & reporting

An at-a-glance view of your shipping spend and efficiency.

Multiple users per account

Teams members can collaborate through a shared Shippo account.


Request refunds for unused labels to minimize costs.

Partial fulfillment

Split an order into multiple shipments for backordered items and inventory in different warehouses.

Access These Features through a Web App or API

Choose the software that works for you, whether it’s an easy-to-use web app or customizable API.

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Shippo’s Web App

Start shipping in minutes. No coding experience required.

Shippo’s API

Connect your stack with Shippo’s API for a customizable solution

Our Customers Love Us

We pride ourselves on removing the friction from shipping for our customers, so that they can focus on what they do best.

"Shippo is so perfectly integrated with Shopify, and it provides us with an easy way to ship out hundreds of international packages every month."

Karen Saari
Luckyleo Dancewear
Karen Saari
Luckyleo Dancewear

"Shippo helps us create, download and print labels quicker than ever. Now we don’t have to sit for long periods entering shipment information."

Emma Langenhuysen
MadeHere PDX
Emma Langenhuysen
MadeHere PDX

"Shippo is convenient and quick. It’s a few clicks and you’ve printed a label and notified the customer of their tracking number."

Erik Polumbo & Mat Hofma
Mini Materials
Erik Polumbo & Mat Hofma
Mini Materials

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