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May 4, 2021

Ship Packages 50% Faster with Shippo’s Automation Rules

As your e-commerce business grows, keeping track of all the different ways you ship — ensuring a particular item always goes out in a specific box type, for example, or that carrier is always selected for a certain type of package — can become complex and cumbersome. Keeping all those rules in your head can get confusing, adding unnecessary stress to your shipping process, wasting valuable time, and potentially even leading to shipment mistakes that disrupt your and your customer’s experience.

Automation Rules Help Shippo Customers Ship 50% Faster and Avoid Shipping Errors

With automation rules, Shippo’s Pro and Premier plan customers can print labels faster and avoid human errors, saving them time and helping them deliver more frictionless experiences to their customers.

As we at Shippo continue partnering with more and larger customers, we’re committed to building tools and solutions that address the biggest challenges of merchants big and small. Automation rules are yet another feature helping us accomplish this goal by simplifying shipping for every business.

Anna Criswell and her team at Goliath Games — who ship parts and pieces for board games, and have dozens of packages and box types — have seen significant improvements in speed and accuracy after implementing automations: “Our four person fulfillment team is 50% faster with automations, and we have eliminated 75% of our shipping errors that were caused by manual processes.”

If you use the same package type or carrier and service level for all or even most of your e-commerce shipments, Shippo’s automations feature allows you to save your preferences as defaults. Not only do these auto-applied package and carrier selections save you multiple clicks per order, they also eliminate the chance of accidentally selecting the wrong one.

You can automate your shipping process even further by setting up “If-Then” label generation rules based on five potential properties of your orders:

  • Order Weight: Pre-select the right-sized box according to your package’s weight.
  • Item Name: Ensure specific products are always shipped in the right boxes according to either item name, or..
  • Item SKU.
  • Shipping Destination: Always select your preferred carrier service for international destinations vs domestic, for instance.
  • Total Order Quantity: Pre-select packaging according to the amount of items in an order.

At Diamond Engraved, which provides custom engraving for granite memorial stones, owner Nika H has been saving significant time thanks to automations: “Automations have sped up our process a lot by reducing the number of clicks. I used to have to move to another browser tab to review the order and confirm the size, but now it happens automatically. With automations helping us, we save two hours every week avoiding manual processes.”

By eliminating the manual aspects of label creation, Shippo’s automation rules put valuable time back in your hands so you can focus on the higher-touch business matters that delight your customers, drive more lifetime loyalty, and improve your bottom line. And the cherry on top is that, as a Shippo customer, you can rest even easier knowing you’ll always be accessing the most cost-effective shipping rates.

Whether they’ve chosen to implement one rule or twenty, our customers are already saving time and lowering their error rates with automation.

At UMAi Dry®, sales and operations manager Amando Komoda is experiencing huge benefits from automations as well: “Automations allow us to streamline our fulfillment process so easily for the fulfillment team. Learning a whole new system with constantly changing conditions to keep in mind is very difficult. They don’t have to worry about what carrier a product goes with or the package size thanks to automations.”

As a Shippo Pro or Premier plan customer, you can easily add rules on the Automations Settings Page. Simply click on Settings along your left navigation panel, then click Automations. That’s it!


For some ideas and inspiration for what you can accomplish with automation rules, check out our top suggestions, and then start taking advantage of the time-savings feature by upgrading to a Pro or Premier plan.

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