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May 7, 2024

Shippo's April Product Roundup: Web App enhancements, Evri rate changes, improved tracking webhooks, and new Veho integration

At Shippo, we’ve been working diligently to enhance your shipping experience. We’ve released several updates this month that enable you to ship quicker and more affordably, including an easy way to download labels and packing slips for your fulfilled orders, an enhanced way to duplicate orders, new Canada Post label improvements, decreased Evri shipping rates, improved tracking webhooks, and a new integration with Veho.

Download labels and packing slips in bulk 

Say goodbye to the days of cumbersomely printing out labels and packing slips for your fulfilled orders. Available only through the Shippo Web App, you can now easily generate labels and packing slips for all your fulfilled orders in bulk through the Shipments page, allowing you to save time and optimize your shipping workflow.

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Seamlessly duplicate orders in seconds

Shipping a replacement order to a customer or handling a repeat customer order? With our new duplicate orders feature, managing these types of orders just got easier. Whether you're working on a fully fulfilled or partially fulfilled order, you can now seamlessly create duplicates for these orders with a simple click in the Shippo Web App. Head to any order on your Orders page, click the “More Options” menu indicated by the icon (⋮), and click “Duplicate order” to generate a new order.

Print Canada Post labels faster and sharper with ZPL

Shippo now supports ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) format for Canada Post labels. By using ZPL format, you can achieve higher-definition prints with quicker printing times compared to PDF labels. Whether you're using the Shippo Web App or our API, you can easily request ZPL labels for your Canada Post shipments.

If you use the Shippo Web App, print labels in ZPL format by modifying your “Labels and packing slips” settings. If you use the Shippo API, simply request a ZPL label from Canada Post by specifying “ZPLII” in the “label_file_type” parameter in the “transactions” endpoint or instalabel shipment requests.

Save on costs for domestic shipments within the UK

Effective April 14, you can now benefit from reduced Evri rates with a decrease of up to 3.43% from 2023 rates for packages weighing 5-10kg, and a decrease of up to 35.04% from 2023 rates for packages weighing 10-15kg within Shippo. You will automatically see these rates when you are creating a label for a domestic shipment within the UK. With Evri, you can also take advantage of 7-day delivery solutions with a 98% first-time delivery rate. 

If you are an API user and want to learn more about Evri, read the API docs

Connect your Veho account to Shippo

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Veho, the company revolutionizing package delivery and returns for the modern economy. This partnership allows you to connect your Veho account to Shippo. That way, you can access Veho’s last mile next-day shipping directly within Shippo. With Veho, offer your customers an elevated delivery experience that promotes repeat purchase and customer lifetime value.

To connect your Veho account as a Web App or API user, go to your Carrier Settings page and click “Your Accounts”. Then, select Veho from the list of carriers and input your Veho credentials. Once that’s done, you will be able to see Veho rates appear when you’re creating a label. 

If you are an API user and want to learn more about the integration, read the API docs.

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Get tracking updates with fail-safe webhooks 

We now support retries for tracking webhooks with an exponential backoff. This means that even if there’s a temporary system or network failure, we’ll send the tracking status of a package multiple times, with increasing intervals between each attempt. This way, you will reliably receive updates about your package’s tracking status without delays or misses and can provide accurate updates to your customers. If you are already receiving tracking updates through our API using webhooks, then you’re automatically benefiting from this improved retry system.

Log in to your Shippo account to take advantage of these new updates today.

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