Pay As You Go

5¢ per shipment
+ carrier costs
No setup, monthly, or cancellation fees.


Features and pricing to ship at scale

Shipping Labels

Create labels via our app

5¢ per shipment plus carrier costs
Shippo App
Create and manage shipping labels
Transactions Endpoint
Generate shipping labels with code

API-powered Tracking

Get standardized statuses

1¢ per tracking no. for non-Shippo labels
Tracks Endpoint
Full tracking details at your fingertips

Address Validation via API

Verify addresses around the world

6¢ per address for U.S. locations
Addresses Endpoint
Make sure addresses are deliverable case you were wondering

Instant Discounts

Shippo provides commercial rates for USPS® and DHL Express as soon as you sign up.

Connect Carriers

Have your own accounts?
Plug in your information and use your negotiated rates.

Payment Processing

Shippo accepts all major credit cards, PayPal & ACH. No pre-payments or deposits required.

Shipping at Scale

Enterprise solution for platforms, marketplaces and retailers

  • Dedicated implementation support
  • Personalized account management
  • Single sign-on access
  • Custom integrations
  • Reports & analytics

Flexible carrier accounts

Tap into Shippo's carrier accounts
Use your own carrier accounts
Let sellers use their carrier accounts

Multiple billing options

We bill you, you bill the seller
We bill sellers directly

Sellers buy labels directly from the Mercari app. Shippo is completely behind-the-scenes.

Warehouse management system

Sellers ship through Snapfulfil’s native interface, while managing billing and carrier accounts through Shippo’s app.

Website & shopping cart platform

Orders from Weebly are synced to Shippo. Sellers fulfill their orders through the Shippo app.

E-commerce retailer

Beanbox uses Shippo to power their checkout experience, validate addresses, print shipping labels and track shipments.