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Apr 23, 2020

Shippo + Webflow: Automatically Sync Orders and Print Shipping Labels

Merchants that use Webflow Ecommerce can now connect their stores to Shippo to manage shipping, tracking, returns and more, all in one place. When you connect your Webflow Ecommerce account to Shippo, all of your new orders, along with all of the relevant data—order number, date, customer address, item, and shipping information—automatically sync to Shippo.

Once orders are synced to Shippo, shipping them out to your happy customers is quick and easy. For each order, you can instantly compare rates and ETAs from multiple carriers and service levels and print shipping labels that are pre-filled with the customer information from your Webflow Ecommerce store. You can also generate packing slips for each order, schedule carrier pickups, and print return labels within Shippo once your orders are ready to ship.

How to Connect Your Webflow Ecommerce Account to Shippo

From your Webflow dashboard, open your Settings tab, select Ecommerce, and then click on Integrations. From here, you’ll see a section for Shipping Providers, where Shippo is an option. Clicking Connect Shippo will open a pop-up where you will create a Shippo account for free. Alternatively, if you already have an account, you’ll have the option to sign into that account at this step.

That’s it! Once you’ve signed in to your account or created one, you’ll see a confirmation message that your Webflow account has been connected to your Shippo account. From this point on, all new orders from Webflow will automatically sync to Shippo.

Shippo automatically syncs order data back to Webflow

After you buy a shipping label for an order in Shippo, that order’s status in the Webflow Order Manager will automatically update to Fulfilled and an email notification will send to the customer with tracking information. Additionally, the shipping carrier and the tracking number for the order will display in Webflow.

Scaling Your Webflow Ecommerce Shipping

Okay. You’ve got the basics down for shipping orders from your Webflow account, but what comes next? Depending on your shipping volume and operations, you may benefit from some of Shippo’s advanced features. 

For example, if you are sending out more than just a few packages per day, you’ll want to look into creating manifests. A manifest is a single document with a barcode that allows a carrier to accept all of your daily shipments at once, instead of scanning each package individually. 

Additionally, we recommend, especially for high-volume merchants, using scan-based return labels. With a scan-based return label, you won’t pay for generating and printing it in Shippo.  You’ll only pay for it in the event that one of your customers processes a return. You can configure your Shippo account to print one of these labels with every outbound shipment. This way you can send a return label with every order to make any potential returns easier for you and your customers. 

Resources for Your Businesses

If you’re looking to move your business online or start a new e-commerce business, both Webflow and Shippo are offering their e-commerce tools for free for the next 3 months. For more details on Webflow’s offer, which includes their product and a range of free site templates, check out their page here. For more details on Shippo’s efforts to support businesses during COVID-19, including free software and more, check out our page here.

Need Help, Have Thoughts, or Feedback?

Reach out to us. Our team of shipping experts is always happy to help you get up and running with the new Webflow connection, print Webflow shipping labels, or with any of your other shipping questions. Feel free to start a chat with us here, or email us at

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