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Shippo Updates | June 28, 2018

Monthly Product Digest: Single Page Label & Packing Slip, Multiple Sender Addresses, and More

Whether it’s speeding up the label generation process, providing a better experience for customers, or helping you select the right tools for a seamless e-commerce business, we’re committed to helping remove the friction from shipping.

We’re back at it again this month with exciting new functionality to improve your shipping process.

Here’s a look at some of the key features and updates.

Packing Slips and Labels Unite

Now, you can print your packing slip and label on the same page—saving time and paper in the process. Looking for even more options? We’ve got ‘em. Shippo offers a few different printing sizes for your packing slips and labels. You can view examples of these options here.

And, you can change your default label format in the Settings > Account page.

Shippo Combo Packing Slip and Label

Get Peace of Mind With Email Previews   

We know your relationship with customers is precious. (We feel the same way about you, too!) It’s no wonder that you want to be able to manage everything customers see and hear about your company.

You now have the option to preview notification emails before sending, so you can get peace of mind and further control over your customer communications. Check spelling and personalize the content to ensure that what you’re sending fits your brand and aligns with the rest of your communications.

Shippo Email Notification Preview

Hey, Global Sellers: It’s Time to Learn a New Incoterm

We’ve added support for a new incoterm. For background, incoterms (also known as International Commercial terms) are published by the International Chamber of Commerce for transactions or procurement processes.

We already support delivery duties unpaid (DDU) and delivery duties paid (DDP). We recently added free carrier (FCA) for FedEx and DHL Express shipments. FCA means that the seller delivers the goods cleared for export to the nominated carrier at the named place. The buyer must nominate the carrier.

For API users that want to use the new incoterm, you must populate the ‘incoterm’ field of the ‘customs_declarations’ object. For web app users, you can select ‘FCA’ from the incoterm dropdown.

Coming Soon: Ware’s Your House? Multiple Sender Addresses 

In order to keep up with customer demand for fast and affordable delivery, we’re seeing businesses open up more warehouses and sender locations across the country.

We’ll soon be introducing the ability to save more than one sender address in your Shippo account, so you can choose which location the item will ship from. Forget those complicated workarounds and take advantage of multiple sender addresses to streamline your fulfillment process as you grow.

More details to come!

Coming Soon: Calling All Shopify Users! Confirm Your Address(es)

We’re excited to share that Shippo will be one of the first integrations to support Shopify’s new multi-location feature, coming as soon as August 1. 

Here’s how it will work. With every Shopify order, we’ll import the addresses you have on file with Shopify for you to choose from during your usual label workflow. You will not be able to edit Sender Addresses in Shippo when fulfilling any Shopify order. This will ensure you’re shipping from the correct address every time and that your information stays in sync between Shippo and Shopify.

To avoid any disruption to your fulfillment process, make sure that your Shopify locations are up to date. You must edit your address(es) in your Shopify account.

ICYMI, here are recent Shippo product recaps from May and April. If you’d like to try these new features for yourself, you can try Shippo for free with a 30-day trial of our Professional plan or our Pay As You Go plan. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Simon Kreuz is the President and Co-Founder of Shippo.

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