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Jun 28, 2021

New Destination-Based Automation Rules Help You Ship Packages Even Faster

Building on the shipping automation rules released for our Pro and Premier customers earlier this year, we’re excited to announce that Shippo has added two new location-based rules to continue simplifying shipping for e-commerce merchants. By auto-applying your preferred carrier service-levels and package types to the specific states, provinces, and zip codes you ship to the most within the U.S. and Canada, these rules help you get orders out the door even faster, maximizing efficiency so you can deliver a more seamless experience to your customers.

These two new rules — destination by state/province and destination by zip code — automatically assign a carrier service or package selection to any order based on the package’s final destination. If you prefer to use a regional carrier for certain destinations to offer more affordable 2-day shipping, for instance, or always rely on one service-level when shipping orders to specific states and provinces, you can now automatically apply rules to auto-designate those preferences directly in your account settings for those states and zip codes, doing away with the tedious work of re-applying selections for every individual order.

Along with Shippo’s other automation rules that pre-select your shipping preferences by weight, item name, order quantity, and more, these new destination-based rules not only streamline your workflow, eliminating 75% of human errors in the process — they enable you to ship orders 50% faster so you can continue to surprise and delight your customers with a seamless and simple shipping experience.

As a Shippo Pro or Premier plan customer, you can easily add rules on the Automations Settings Page. Simply click on Settings along your left navigation panel, click Automations, and apply your preferred location-based options by choosing Destination by State/Province and Destination by Zip in the drop-down.

For ideas and inspiration on how to improve your workflow with Shippo’s automation rules, we’ve created this downloadable cheat sheet with efficiency-enhancing suggestions. You can start taking advantage of these customer-favorite features by upgrading to a Pro or Premier plan.

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