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Mar 6, 2024

Shippo's February 2024 Product Round-Up: Addresses API, Package Quick Select, Carrier Upgrades

In the spirit of the month, this past February, we released new features and products that we’re sure Shippo users of all sizes will fall in love with. 

From a new stand-alone API service, to new carrier integrations, to a new Web App feature, each of these updates allows merchants to tighten up their shipping and fulfillment processes as well as provide an even better post-purchase experience to their customers.

Below, we’ll explain how these new updates will ultimately help your business ship faster and more efficiently now and throughout 2024.

Avoid Potential Surcharges and Lost Packages with New Addresses API

While it may seem like a small step in the shipping process, validating, parsing, and storing addresses is crucial to limiting costs, increasing efficiency, and providing your customers the best possible post-purchase experience.

Address-related issues affect nearly 2.1% of shipments which can cause slower transit times, lost packages, and address correction surcharges imposed by the carrier used.

With Shippo’s new stand-alone Addresses API, high-volume shippers within and outside the world of e-commerce and logistics can take advantage of necessary services such as address validation, address parsing, and address book.

With address validation, you can ensure that U.S. and global addresses are validated to prevent address issues from occurring to protect your bottom line. With this service, you can easily identify suggested changes being made to your invalid address. It also comes with a Confidence Score tool that helps you decide whether to accept or reject these suggested changes. Best of all, address validation can happen upstream during your customer’s checkout experience.

Working in tandem with address validation, address parsing allows you or your customers to type addresses into a single line and then have that address parsed into different address components, like street, city, country, zip, etc.

Lastly, our Addresses API has an address book service that allows you or your customers to save addresses so that they or your team can quickly reuse addresses. This speeds up the checkout and label creation process while still ensuring address accuracy.

Learn more about this latest product offering here.

Fulfill Orders Faster With Package Quick Select Within the Web App

Web App users can now speed up their label-generation process even further.

With Package Quick Select, users can hover their mouse over the Package column within their Orders page to quickly select from three of their most recently used package templates. Try using the feature today by heading to your Orders page.

New and Improved Carrier Services with UPS Canada and Veho

While we at Shippo strive to improve our products and services, so do our carriers. This month saw a great example of that with UPS offering Saturday ground delivery through their service level, UPS Standard®. That means Saturday delivery is now available to packages being shipped within Canada and for packages being shipped to Canada from the United States.

By choosing UPS Standard®, eligible shipments will be delivered to their destination on Saturdays at no extra cost. This has been enacted for parcels headed to the greater Toronto area with expansion to Montreal, Laval, Calgary, and Greater Vancouver by March!

Your Canadian customers can now receive packages even quicker, allowing you to provide an even better post-purchase experience without needing to break the bank.

Users also now have the ability to bring their Veho account to Shippo. Veho is the go-to last-mile delivery and returns service for many of today’s top e-commerce businesses and for good reason. With a 99% on-time delivery rate and a 4.9/5 customer rating in over 42 markets and counting, many brands are now diversifying their carrier-mix to include Veho.

By connecting your Veho account to Shippo, you can use your own negotiated Veho rates when creating labels through Shippo and streamline your logistics workflow by selecting the carrier for next day shipping.

Take advantage of these new carrier enhancements and an upgraded Orders page for faster fulfillment by logging into your Shippo account today. Or talk to one of our API experts to learn more about how Addresses API can help your business today.

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Hasan Nabulsi
is the Content Marketing Manager at Shippo.

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