E-commerce Shipping API for Marketplaces

Running an e-commerce marketplace and looking for the comprehensive shipping solution for your merchants? Shippo’s multi carrier shipping API services peer-to-peer marketplaces like Mercari the shipping backend and enable ultimate flexibility on the front-end for customized customer experience.

Shippo’s API is a RESTful shipping API available in all major programming languages. Use our shipping API to set up all of your label creation, order management & shipment tracking processes. All of the features available through our shipping dashboard are automated and customizable via API. Shippo’s single integration includes connection to 60+ carriers, such as a USPS API, FedEx API, UPS API, and DHL API. These features include bulk customer email notification with tracking, package insurance, updated tracking, and comprehensive customs forms creation for international shipments.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces like Mercari and Vinted use our shipping API technology to power their customer checkout processes to ensure that people see accurate shipping rates based on preferred carrier service level and package destination. With Shippo’s API, marketplaces can either use our own USPS and international shipping credentials to pass discounted shipping rates on to their customers, or they can plug in their own carrier account credentials for shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post. Shippo has 14+ shipping carriers available through it’s one-stop-shop API. By integrating with Shippo, marketplaces don’t have to worry about integrating every individual carrier API separately, a time-consuming endeavor. Shippo provides access to all of these carriers at once so that the end-user has the greatest amount of flexibility.

Check out the marketplace showcases for Mercari to see the nitty-gritty of how they use Shippo’s shipping API. Learn more about the benefits of integrating our shipping API here.

Shippo is Built for Developers

  • #replace with your API token shippo.auth = '<TOKEN>'
  • # create addresses and package address_from = shippo.Address.create(...) address_to = shippo.Address.create(...) parcel = shippo.Parcel.create(...)
  • # create shipment request shipment = shippo.Shipment.create( address_from=address_from, address_to=address_to, parcel=parcel )
  • # purchase label label = shippo.Transaction.create( rate=shipment.rates.results[0].object_id)

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