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Mar 26, 2021

Shippo’s UPS Rate Adjustment, Effective April 11, 2021

To better serve Shippo’s merchants, UPS recently conducted a calibration of its rates and announced that, effective April 11, 2021, UPSⓇ Digital Access Program rates on Shippo will be adjusted. As a result, you may see your rates decrease as much as 3.5%, or potentially increase up to 5%, based on the destination and weight of your packages*.

This adjustment will position UPS more competitively, especially for lighter e-commerce packages.

To make your shipping costs more predictable, UPS also simplified its rate structure by including the following surcharges within the base rate: Residential Surcharge for Air and Export services and Delivery Area Surcharge (except for Super Rural areas) for Air services, just like with UPS Ground.

Will This Affect My UPS Rates?

Some merchants will see a change, others won’t. It all depends on how you access your rates:

  • If you buy your UPS labels through Shippo, then you will be subject to the new rates.
  • If you use your own negotiated rates, then there will be no changes to your rates at this time and you’ll have to chat with your account manager if you require additional information.

Sample UPS Savings

Curious what kind of savings you’ll see with the new rates? Here are a few samples, showcasing the savings of the UPS Digital Access Program on Shippo versus UPS daily rates.



Determining Your Specific Rate Changes

Due to the proprietary nature of Shippo’s UPS Digital Access Program rates, we cannot publicly share rate tables. However, the new rates will automatically be reflected in your account starting April 11, and you can conduct your own analysis at that time.

How to Access Discounted UPS Rates With Shippo

Good news: discounted UPS rates are available by default to all Shippo merchants.

Get discounts on domestic and international shipping, including up to 50% off on UPSⓇ Ground shipments, up to 66% off for UPS 2nd Day AirⓇ service, up to 65% off for UPS Next Day AirⓇ service, and up to 76% off International services**.

All you have to do is accept UPS’s terms of service prior to purchasing your first UPS label. You can do this directly from your Orders page, where you compare rates, or from your Carrier Settings page in the Shippo admin.

If you’re not already a Shippo customer and want to take advantage of discounted UPS services and discounted rates, sign up for a Shippo account completely free to get started today. Once you’re signed up and have an order to ship, UPS services will appear amongst your shipping choices.

If you have questions, our team is happy to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to


*In comparison to Shippo’s 2020 UPS rate card.

**Discounts off UPS daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from the U.S. only. Rates and applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice.

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