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Jul 22, 2022

Updated Shipments for an Easier, More Intuitive Shipping Experience

You may have noticed a little something different about your Shipments page. Doesn’t it seem familiar, yet somehow different? You’re absolutely right – we’re excited to share that we’ve updated the Shipments page for a better, more intuitive e-commerce shipping experience so you can easily follow your packages from Orders to the newly improved Shipments.

On Shipments, you can solely focus on your pick-n-pack process and tracking activities: a one-stop-shop of what needs to go out and what’s on the way to your customer.

Here’s what’s been updated:

Coordinated Design with Orders Page

The styling and actions of the Shipments page is better aligned with the Orders page, so you can better relate your packages’ journeys from buying a shipping label on the Orders page to tracking its status on the Shipments page.

Side Panel Actions for a Package

We’ve incorporated a side panel that provides further details of a package, including taking actions like downloading a label, sending a notification email, and creating a return label.

Extra Side Panel Actions

In addition, we’ve also included the ability to schedule pickups and export shipments data into the side panel actions as well.

Shipments for Mobile Web

Last but not least, the newly improved Shipments page is fully responsive on mobile web browsers, so you can follow and track shipments while on the go on any device!

Sign up for a free Shippo account free today to start shipping e-commerce orders, and if you’re already a Shippo customer, simply head to your Shipments page to see what’s new. You can also check out our help center for additional information and tips.

Here at Shippo, we’re constantly finding ways on how we can help empower, support, and grow e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve got lots of exciting updates to share in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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