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Mar 1, 2022

Updated Manifests for Canada Post, Australia Post, & DHL eCommerce

We’ve improved the look of manifests for those shipping with Canada Post, Australia Post, and DHL eCommerce! The new-look makes it clearer what labels you have available to manifest, as well as your most recent manifest history.

Australia Post Manifest


Canada Post Manifest

What Are Manifests?

Manifests are a one-page document with a single barcode that carriers can scan to accept several packages at the same time, without the need to scan each package one-by-one. With manifests you can:

  • Save time
  • Streamline your processes
  • Grow your business

Basically, they’re a total game-changer for anyone shipping at least five packages at a time, so you can gain time back in your day and focus on other areas of your business.

Carrier Manifest Rules

Canada Post

Only contract customers can create manifests (if you do not have a contract ID that you can add to Shippo, you will get an error when trying to create a manifest). Contract customers that ship more than 50 shipments a day will need to create manifests to transmit the shipments for billing for a given day. Contract customers that ship less than 50 daily can usually skip the manifest requirement, but are encouraged to verify with Canada Post. If a contract customer doesn’t close out a shipment day by creating a manifest, Canada Post may bill for & transmit the shipments on customer’s behalf.

Australia Post

All Australia Post customers are required to manifest their daily shipments, no matter how many, in order to avoid a fine. Labels must be manifested within 30 days of the label creation date.

DHL eCommerce

End-of-day manifests are required by DHL eCommerce. The electronic data will be transmitted to DHL through Shippo, and you will need to print two copies of the Driver’s Summary Manifest (DSM) that is created. The DSM is a printed document that summarizes all shipments being given to DHL eCommerce for that day, grouped by product. You will need to provide these copies to your DHL driver at pick-up/drop-off.

Manifests Supported By Shippo

The updated interface will be steadily rolled out to users creating manifests for Canada Post, Australia Post, and DHL eCommerce, as well as in addition to creating SCAN forms via USPS and manifests for RR Donnelley, Asendia USA, APC Postal, Newgistics, and Royal Mail. This new look will soon be available to all users across all carriers.

Sign up for a free Shippo account free today to start manifesting, and if you’re already a Shippo customer, simply head to your Shipments page to get started. You can also check out our help center for additional information and tips.

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