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Dec 9, 2022

Shippo’s Year in Review 2022: How We’ve Helped Online Merchants Grow

The year 2022 has been a year of triumph and uncertainty for many online merchants. The unavoidable reality of inflation and the thought of a looming recession have affected everyone on the e-commerce side. Yet despite these trends, Shippo saw a record-breaking performance in delivering packages for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

One aspect that has remained constant this year is Shippo’s mission to make shipping easier, better, and more affordable for e-commerce sellers of all sizes. Our commitment to this mission has seen our product undergo key updates and helpful additions to improve the shipping experience for you and your customers.

Some of these initiatives were more obvious than others, so we’ve decided to highlight our biggest product releases and updates to ensure you get the most out of your shipping capabilities with Shippo.

Making Shippo Easier And More Intuitive for More Efficient Shipping

Juggling all the intricacies of running a successful e-commerce store is already a lot to handle. Adding in the complexities of shipping can become downright daunting. The goal of Shippo has always been to simplify e-commerce shipping and level the playing field for merchants of all sizes.

With our Web-App redesign, we’ve made it easier to add shipping insurance to high-value items, view and organize your shipments, and better keep up with your store’s orders.

Ship More Confidently with Shipping Insurance

Damaged and lost packages are an unfortunately common part of the e-commerce industry. Nearly 1.7 million packages are lost every day. But that doesn’t mean that your customer or your business should be out of luck if this happens.

Shippo has provided the option to add shipping insurance to your shipments for a while, but we wanted to make the experience easier, more intuitive, and more informative.

With our new shipping insurance workflow, you can see exactly what’s covered, automatically sync your item’s value to calculate the cost of insurance, and see the shipping insurance cost before you buy. As a bonus, we’ve also automatically enabled signature confirmation on shipments with a $500 or more total value to protect them further.

With Shipsurance through Shippo, Starter Plan users only need to pay 1.25% of the shipment’s total value, while Pro/Premier users only have to pay as little as 1%. By selecting this option through Shippo, merchants can save up to 50% on shipping insurance when compared to getting insurance directly through carriers.

New and Improved Shipments Page

Keeping track of your shipments is one of the most essential parts of ensuring a positive fulfillment experience for your staff and customers. With our updated Shipments page, we’ve created a singular destination for seeing what needs to go out and what’s on it’s way to your customers.

The new side panel functionality allows you to see a package’s full details without leaving the shipments page. You can download a label, send a notification email, or create a return label all from the side panel.

You can even take it a step further and schedule pickups and export shipment data from the side panel as well. These easy-to-access functions can all be viewed and used on mobile devices too, so you’re never out of sync with your shipments.

New and Improved Orders Page

Similar to our Shipments page, our new and improved Orders page allows you to edit and track orders all in one place. With the Orders page side bar you can now use the new feature “view selected only” to limit the time you spend searching for orders and allow you to switch between editing shipping information for single and bulk orders.

You can now also compare carrier rates for a group of orders. To make shipping an even more streamlined process, you can now also create multiple package templates. All of your templates can be easily found within the search bar.

Creating a Better Post-Purchase Experience Through Improved Tracking Pages

Order tracking pages have become the industry norm as customers want visibility into their orders at all times. Unsurprisingly, customers view these pages an average of 3.5 times per order. This creates a perfect opportunity to retarget existing customers and reengage them.

With Shippo’s latest update, you can do just that.

Pro and Premier plan users can now use order tracking pages to recommend similar products, promote upcoming events and sales, add tutorials, link to review sites, and more. All of this can be done while incorporating your brand logo and colors to create a unique and personalized package tracking page.

Keep Track of Your Shipping Expenses With Improved Shipping Analytics

The cost of shipping is something that can’t be ignored when organizing the financials of your e-commerce business. In the past, we’ve incorporated a shipping analytics section of the Web-App to help you keep track of your shipping costs. We’ve taken these analytics to a deeper level.

Your shipping expenses can now be broken down by address validation fees, subscription fees, surcharges, promo credit, one-off credit, and of course net label spend. You can also be better informed on your shipping strategy by breaking down expenses to the carrier, service level, and destination.

Following these metrics can help you create automation functions to select certain service levels for certain items automatically. It can also help in figuring out where your next fulfillment center should be located so that you can limit shipping times to popular destinations.

Better Carrier Rates for More E-commerce Merchants

At Shippo, we know e-commerce is a global business. It’s because of this we began the year announcing our expansion into western Europe through new partnerships with seven different carriers. Those carriers include:

  • Colissimo (France)
  • Correos (Spain)
  • DPD DE (Germany)
  • DPD UK (U.K.)
  • Hermes (U.K.)
  • Post Italiane (Italy)
  • Mondial Relay (France)

The expansion allows our platform partners to offer their merchants domestic shipping in six new counties. More merchants can now get a better shipping experience without having to leave their preferred e-commerce platform.

We can also now give our international friends in the North access to more affordable shipping options through UPS Canada straight from the Shippo Web-app or API. Canadian-based e-commerce merchants can now get up to 68% off UPS Standard® shipments and up to 50% off UPS Express®, UPS Express Saver®, and UPS Expedited® services.

And of course, we can’t forget about our merchants back home. In October, we announced a new agreement with the United States Post Service that gave our merchants savings of up to 15% on Peak Season Commercial Pricing. By deepening our relationship with the Postal Service, we can now offer some of the cheapest rates in the industry when it comes to USPS shipping rates. We remain committed to providing more affordable shipping rates for the USPS and other carriers in 2023.

What to Expect From Shippo in 2023

While 2022 saw plenty of positive momentum in terms of enhancing the shipping process for e-commerce merchants, there will be even more to be excited about in 2023.

We’re looking forward to making the Shippo work-flow even easier to navigate, ensuring you can get labels printed and orders out the door faster than ever before. We also plan on continuing to build on our carrier relationships, which in turn, will aid in your ability to have a quality carrier mix.

Stay tuned for all our product updates by subscribing to our blog. If you have any questions regarding our Web-App be sure to check out our support site or contact our helpful support staff directly.

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Hasan Nabulsi
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