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Dec 11, 2020

Shippo’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide 2020

As an e-commerce merchant, you’ve spent these past several months navigating completely unchartered waters, all while making sure that your customers and teams were well taken care of, in spite of all the uncertainty. And for that, we salute you whole-heartedly. While you’ve been focusing so much on your business and your customers, have you even had a moment to do any holiday shopping yourself? If you’re like many of us, the answer is a resounding “no.”

Never fear! Shippo works with thousands of great merchants with tons of highly giftable items for everyone on your list. And, there’s still time to get them before Christmas! Since the majority of us have been spending quite a bit of time at home these days, we’ve pulled together a list of comfort, decor, and wellness ideas to help brighten the days and nights as we move into 2021.  


While there’s no denying that we live in a digital age, there’s something special and endearing about using actual pens and paper to write letters or do our jobs with. That’s where Appointed comes in. The company creates beautiful notebooks, paper goods, desktop accessories, and more, all which are made right here in America. Check out their holiday gift sets for ideas the entire family would appreciate.

Chelsea Market Baskets


Chelsea Market Baskets has been delighting fans and customers with unique and inspired gift baskets for over two decades—with the goal of bringing families together through their amazing curated gifts. The company’s passion for artisan foods and specialty snacks is reflected in their carefully crafted themed baskets that include everything from fruit, nuts, and specialty cheeses, to desserts, candies, and more. (Hint: we’re super sweet on the Fat Witch Brownie box and the Chelsea Classic Sweet & Savory Tower.)

The Cookie Countess

For foodies, artists, or folks who just appreciate delicious and creative treats, The Cookie Countess offers a vast array of decorating kits and tools to bring creative culinary ideas to life. For expertly decorated cookies, macarons cakes, and more, the company offers innovative and easy-to-use custom tools such as The Cookie Countess Airbrush System, and The Cookie Countess Precision Rolling Pin. Sweet!


Artist Eric Dowdle wanted to make fine art personal and fun for people of all ages, and such was the inspiration for his renowned puzzles. Dowdle’s unique puzzles can even be customized to feature photos of family members, pets, and other loved ones, and the company also offers unique art pieces, dimensional art gifts, and more. For some quality time at home, Dowdle’s colorful creations will not disappoint.

DW Home

In these current times, your home is truly your castle, so why not treat it that way? DW Home offers rich, scented, hand-poured candles for every room in your home. No matter the mood you’re in, DW Home has a candle and scent to match. For unwinding and relaxing at home, check out their Cooling Eucalyptus or Relaxing Lavender candles for a soothing experience like no other.  


Got someone on your list who always talks about tattoos but has yet to get inked themselves? Inkbox offers the perfect solution. The company sells skin-safe, semi-permanent tattoo kits that produce results that look just like the real thing, with no needle required. Options range from animals, flowers, gaming and fandom, quotes, astrology, and other stylishly-curated collections. 

Mail Order Mystery 

Need a new tactic for separating your kids from their digital devices? Meet Mail Order Mystery—your new best friend! Mail Order Mystery offers a variety of immersive activities that involve some creative thinking to unravel the mystery or complete the adventure. With Mail Order Your Mystery, your kids are at the center of the story and the company can even customize the activities with their names for an extra bit of fun at home. 

Naturally Culturred 

After a long day (or year, for that matter), who doesn’t love a hot bath to unwind and recharge? Naturally Culturred gets it, and that’s why they offer handmade luxury soap that provides maximum skin hydration. Each bar is finely crafted with natural ingredients including herbal and essential oils. Your gift recipients will soon be basking in the glory of luxurious tranquility. (Jealous yet? You may want to grab a couple of bars for yourself!) 


What’s a Sprigbox, you ask? Sprigboxes are small wooden cubes that come with everything your gift recipient needs need to grow their own little urban garden—no matter where they live. Choose from flowers, herbs, fruits, and more, all presented in artful and stylish boxes, perfectly made for gifting. Best of all? No batteries required—just add water!

So there you have it, a few ideas to help you fill out your shopping lists. On behalf of the entire team at Shippo, wishing you and yours a happy holiday season! 

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