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Sep 27, 2022

Shippo Ships It: Tracking, Shipments, and Spend Analytics

Here at Shippo, we’re constantly finding ways to improve our product and develop new features to help e-commerce businesses of all sizes streamline fulfillment workflows, save time and money, and provide an excellent delivery experience to their customers. In case you missed them, here are some exciting updates we’ve recently released to empower e-commerce shippers like you:

New & Improved Order Tracking Pages

A couple of months back, we added some major updates to our email notifications and tracking pages. These features help boost your sales, strengthen brand loyalty and recognition, and continue to drive the best customer experience!

Now in Shippo, you can re-engage, recommend, and promote your products and business in emails and order tracking pages to your customers.

You can also add a reply-to email address and return policy directly on your shipment email notifications for better transparency and to lessen customer inquiries.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to deliver an excellent post-purchase experience and discover opportunities to boost your sales and customer engagement by enabling tracking in Shippo today. Want to take advantage of our newest tracking features? Try out a 30-day free trial of Pro Plan.

Updated Shipments Page

We’ve updated the Shipments page for a better, more intuitive experience so you can easily follow your packages from Orders to the improved Shipments page.

Our new Shipments page allows you to focus solely on your pick-n-pack process and tracking activities with consistent design, detailed information on packages, schedule pickups, export shipment data, and is mobile-friendly!

Head to your Shipments page to see what’s new. You can also check out our help center for additional information and tips.

Spend Analytics

58% of e-commerce merchants said the cost of shipping was the biggest challenge for their business, and the average percent spent on shipping rose by 10% this year. We know how important it is to understand your spend and reduce your shipping costs. We want to help you by offering the best rates with accurate data.

We recently upgraded our Analytics page so that you have a personalized display of your shipping trends during a given period of time right at your fingertips.

You can now better understand your total spend, including total dollar amount and total number of transactions.

Moreover, you can see an overview of the number of labels you’ve purchased and compare your label purchase over a given time period.

Uncover new data to potentially discover ways to save money and maximize your workflows. Simply navigate to Analytics on the left-hand side of the Web app to view all your historical and current data (keep in mind that the data presented is not real-time data – it is delayed by 24 hours). Head over to our help center for additional information and tips.

Filter by Item

Find exactly what you need with our newest filter type: filter by item. Easily search through your orders by the listed item name that’s either imported from your connected store or that you’ve manually added.

Webinar: 6 Strategies to Prepare Your Business for Peak Season

Don’t miss out on our live webinar to help you prepare for peak season! Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28 at 10am PT for:

  • Practical tips for surviving the peak season shopping, shipping, and returns rush
  • Real-life examples of how e-commerce retailers are preparing for peak this year
  • Which innovative solutions can help you get and stay ahead of consumer expectations

Register for our free webinar, where you’ll also receive a recording in case you can’t make it for the full length of time.

New to Shippo, shipping, or e-commerce? Sign up for a free Shippo account today and let us handle the complexities of shipping for you.

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