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Apr 12, 2022

Shippo Rounds Out Executive Team With Kael Kelly, Teryle Aguilar

At Shippo, our vision is to empower e-commerce merchants and give them the ability to grow their business through shipping. We’re happy to say that as we’ve seen our merchants grow and the number of merchants we serve grow, so have we.

Shippo has hit the ground running to start 2022. Just this quarter Shippo announced the launch of our newest product “Shippo for Platforms” with Shopify named as our first partner to leverage the product. We also introduced seven new carrier partnerships in five Western European countries as well as a new office hub in Dublin, Ireland – our first international hub location.

Along with our growing list of products and expanded carrier relationships, our executive team has also grown. We’re happy to announce Kael Kelly as Shippo’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Direct to Merchant Business and Teryle Aguilar as Shippo’s Vice President of People.

They join Andreas Lieber Shippo’s Chief Business Officer, who joined Shippo’s executive team last December.

Growing our leadership team means a stronger foundation for Shippo’s growth, which in turn means more opportunities for all merchants, partners, and stakeholders. But to understand the significance of how our new leaders will take us forward, we’ll first have to look at where they came from.

Kael Kelly and Teryle Aguilar’s Background

Kael most recently served as the General Manager of Compliance Documents Product for Avalara, a SaaS-based company specializing in automated sales tax solutions for businesses. During his almost 10-year tenure at Avalara, Kael served in multiple marketing leadership roles and saw share growth increase 5x. He’s also been in the SaaS space for almost 25 years.

He’ll be looking to bring his expertise in leading successful marketing campaigns for a high-growth SaaS company to Shippo. With the company targeting new countries and new markets, Kael will be pivotal in growing awareness and use of Shippo across the globe.

As for Teryle, she comes with a bevy of experience leading people efforts for high-growth companies. Most recently, Teryle managed the HRBP function for Doordash, although she has also been in charge of people teams for companies such as Pandora, NBCUniversal, as well as Fisher & Paykel Appliances.

Shippo is now a remote-first company, globally distributed, and is looking to hire and build culture on an international scale. Teryle will be at the forefront helping us navigate through these complexities and leading us to success in our people operations.

Let’s hear how they are thinking about Shippo in their own words.

Kael Kelly and Teryle Aguilar Q&A

Question to Kael: What made you choose Shippo, why now, and what are some of the lessons you learned from your past experience that you plan to bring to Shippo?

Kael: “Shippo is a fast-growing brand in a rapidly-growing industry which is what excited me initially. Now, Shippo is looking to accelerate new features and capabilities that will help improve the shipping experience for thousands of merchants and their customers. We’re investing in engineering and product development to help fuel innovation and create the best end-to-end shipping solution on the market. Getting to share that message with the world is truly exciting for me.”

“As far as my past experience, I’ve learned that it’s best to take a very data-centric approach. My philosophy is to measure everything because the more data and analytics you have at your disposal, the more your decisions can be made empirically. I plan on bringing that philosophy to Shippo, which has done a great job winning business when merchants are looking for a solution. But I fundamentally believe we are a great solution that tens of thousands of merchants still don’t know about. I want to get the word out to those merchants so they can see all the Shippo can do for them. That leads to storytelling. Marketing fundamentally is great storytelling, and we want to get our story out in the market and show merchants all that we have to offer.”

Questions to Teryle: What drew you to Shippo, why now, and what are some of the lessons you plan to bring to Shippo?

Teryle: “I’ve used Shippo in the past. Shipping is a problem that we get to solve which is super exciting and after talking with the leadership team, I truly got a sense that the time to win is now.”

“When I joined Doordash we had about 1,100 people and by the time I left, we were at 9,000 in over a year and a half. When I got there it felt like we had a small company where I could make big changes. We didn’t have a total rewards function when I started so I got to lead that function and then expanded to leading the HR business partners and scaling the employee relations team from 12 people to 42 people in 15 months to support some of the biggest business initiatives during my time there. But I really wanted to work at a company again where I knew all the people and got to watch them grow and develop.”

“Doordash had 12 values and every employee knew them like the back of their hand and we used them daily in meetings. I’m hoping to take some of my learnings from that over to Shippo as we revamp our values and put them into the culture.”

Shippo Openings For Their Teams

Shippo isn’t stopping at just adding positions for those at the top. Our new leaders will need help as they look to take on varying challenges.

As Shippo grows and continues to scale, hiring will be crucial to our ability to accomplish Shippo’s goal of being the end-to-end platform for everyone’s shipping needs. Roles are now open for positions on Kael’s team and Teryle’s team as well as functions throughout the company.

To find out more about these roles and to apply to them, visit our jobs portal.

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