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Mar 9, 2022

Shippo Launches Shippo for Platforms and Partners with Shopify

I’m excited to announce Shippo for Platforms, a new product launching with Shopify as our first platform partner.

Shippo for Platforms enables e-commerce platforms to deliver a world-class shipping experience to their buyers and sellers. We’ve built this product from the ground up with modern e-commerce needs in mind, and as of today, Shippo for Platforms is available for any e-commerce platform or marketplace. 

What is Shippo for Platforms?

Shippo for Platforms is the easiest and fastest way to integrate shipping into e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. It’s an integrated suite of shipping solutions, available directly through our fully customizable API and purpose-built UI components. With Shippo for Platforms, e-commerce platforms can power shipping for their merchants and sellers without taking them outside of their existing platform experience and encourage adoption by delivering a truly integrated journey. 

Why does this matter?

Shipping for e-commerce merchants is hard. Merchants are faced with ever-increasing consumer expectations of free and fast shipping, and at the same time, they need to navigate the complexities of shipping providers, such as outdated technologies and compliance requirements. 

Since Day 1, Shippo’s mission has been to eliminate these complexities for e-commerce merchants. We help merchants grow their businesses by offering a modern shipping experience, and it’s our ultimate goal that all businesses, regardless of size, have access to shipping tools that help them compete at scale. Shippo for Platforms ensures merchants can access Shippo’s entire shipping infrastructure seamlessly integrated within the platforms they know and love.

Shippo for Platforms spans every touchpoint, from pre-purchase conversion optimization to modern order fulfillment solutions and a delightful post-purchase buyer experience. This launch also gives merchants worldwide instant access to Shippo’s global network of 85+ carriers, pre-negotiated rates, and integrated billing – all within their platform of choice.

Launched in partnership with Shopify

I’m excited that Shopify has integrated and launched Shippo for Platforms to extend its shipping solution, beginning in European markets, to add a seamless shipping experience to the end-to-end e-commerce journey for Shopify’s merchants. Shippo’s natively integrated capabilities ensure Shopify merchants enjoy simplified shipping as part of the platform experience they know and love.

We partnered closely with the Shopify teams led by Kaz Nejatian, VP of Merchant Services. In Kaz’s words: “It goes without saying that, to succeed in commerce today, merchants must be able to get packages into the hands of their customers quickly and affordably. Our partnership with Shippo allows our merchants to meet consumer expectations for convenience, speed, and cost without having to be a shipping expert themselves.

All businesses, regardless of size, deserve access to shipping tools that help them compete at scale. I’m excited to keep raising the bar and empowering modern e-commerce merchants worldwide to ship better.


Learn more about how Shippo for Platforms is delivering a more integrated shipping experience for merchants across platforms, or read the full press release for more information.

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Simon Kreuz
is the President and Co-Founder of Shippo.

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