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Oct 13, 2022

Shippo Customers Now Get Better Rates with USPS

As a company, our mission is to help merchants be successful through excellent shipping – and for us, that extends beyond Shippo’s product offering to the benefits we can bring through our partners. 

Today, we’re excited to share that Shippo is officially part of Connect eCommerce, the new USPS program that simplifies the process for e-commerce platforms to work with USPS and unlock benefits for them and their merchants. 

For us, that means an opportunity to deepen our long-standing relationship with USPS. For our merchants it means access to special Priority Mail pricing below standard retail rates. 

It’s a savings of up to 15% on Peak Season Commercial Pricing (not to mention, all the time saved avoiding those endless Post Office lines).

Shippo has never been able to offer such competitive pricing with USPS, and it couldn’t come at a better time. With the holiday season fast approaching – and merchants and consumers alike expressing concern about rising prices – our new USPS rates offer some welcome peace of mind that you are getting the best shipping price possible on your holiday shipments (and all your post-holiday packages too).

What’s more, our partnership with USPS means that merchants shipping with USPS through Shippo will not be subject to peak season rates on qualifying shipments, including: 

  • All Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes & Boxes
  • Majority Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes up to Zone 6
  • Majority Priority Mail Cubic rates up to Zone 6
  • Majority Weight-based shipments <10 lbs up to Zone 6

At the end of the day, our ability to bring added value to our merchants ensures additional savings they can pass on to their customers. With Shippo and USPS, merchants can feel confident knowing they are getting access to the cheapest USPS rates – no tricks, surprises, or hidden fees. Now that’s a holiday gift we can all appreciate! 

As with any change, it’s natural to have questions. The FAQ below walks through some of the most commonly-asked questions about Connect eCommerce and Shippo, but you can always reach out to our team of shipping experts if you don’t see what you’re looking for here.

How does Connect eCommerce impact me as a merchant?

As a Shippo customer, our participation in Connect eCommerce means you save even more money when shipping packages through USPS. Getting our customers access to the best shipping technology, service, and prices is our top priority, so Connect eCommerce gives us yet another opportunity to improve our merchants’ experience and rates with USPS.

Plus, lower cost labels translates to more affordable shipping for your customers, which is a real competitive advantage when trying to increase your sales volumes. 

How does this affect my pricing with USPS? 

Simply put, your rates will be improving! While new rates vary based on the specific service level, package weight, and service zone, you should see an average savings of 2-3% compared to previously-available Priority Mail pricing.

How do I get access to this pricing?

You know what’s great? You don’t have to do anything to benefit from our new USPS rates. The rates will automatically be surfaced for applicable shipments when you’re looking at real-time label rates. Just log into your Shippo account and start printing labels with USPS to take advantage of lower rates.

I’m a Shippo partner, not a merchant. What does Connect eCommerce mean for me?

The process is a little different for our partners, but the important thing to know is that nothing changes from an integration standpoint – Shippo will continue to serve as your multi-carrier software provider. There are a couple additional steps required to transition our partners to Connect eCommerce, so please reach out to your Shippo Partner Manager to discuss the specifics of your account, if you haven’t already.

How long will these new rates last?

Peak Season surcharges will remain in effect through January 22, 2023 (you can get all the details about carrier holiday surcharges on our blog), but the new rates available through Shippo’s participation in Connect eCommerce are here to stay. That means, post holiday season, with Peak Season surcharges in the rearview mirror, you’ll see even better savings when shipping with USPS. Talk about the perfect way to head into 2023!

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