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Nov 16, 2021

CASHDROP Integrates With Shippo to Give Merchants Direct Access to Industry-Leading Shipping Capabilities and Rates

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with CASHDROP, a mobile-first e-commerce platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to take their idea from inspiration to reality on their phone, all without commissions or monthly fees. Shippo will be natively integrated into CASHDROP, enabling its customers to take full advantage of Shippo’s capabilities and carrier rates directly within the CASHDROP platform. 

For CEO and Founder Ruben Flores-Martinez, CASHDROP was born from the realization that more people could turn their hobbies and passions into a side hustle—and eventually a career—if the barriers to entry for e-commerce were not so high. CASHDROP aims to simplify this process with an easy-to-use mobile app that allows businesses to create an online storefront from their phone in less than 15 minutes.

Shipping is critical to the consumer’s holistic e-commerce experience – making sure the package arrives on time, providing customers with easy ways to track packages, surprising and delighting customers with branded packaging, and more – yet, it can be costly and confusing to new sellers trying to get a business off the ground. This new partnership with Shippo allows CASHDROP to offer its sellers best-in-class shipping options directly within its application in order to help sellers exceed their customers’ expectations. 

“The Shippo integration with CASHDROP makes it turnkey for merchants to begin accepting shipping orders,” said Flores-Martinez. “Our company goals are fully aligned to make e-commerce fast and easy for every online sale. Merchants now have access to the power of a traditional website in the form of a webpage, with the added benefit of setting up a shop in minutes with no seller fees and offering customers the best shipping rates. When a small business wins, we all win.”

Finding the Right Native Shipping Integration in Shippo

With Shippo’s customizable API integrated directly into the CASHDROP application, CASHDROP merchants will have access to:

  • A world-class shipping solution. Completely seamless experience where rate comparison, label generation and label printing are fully integrated into CASHDROP’s work flow, and will be directly available within the app. Merchants can set up their business and get shipping rates on CASHDROP in minutes.
  • Robust set of features: Tracking, bulk label creation and return capabilities will all be accessible directly within the app for merchants to implement if needed.

Shippo Plugs Right Into CASHDROP’s Platform  

Take a look at the CASHDROP offering in action.

“Shipping is incredibly complex, and will only become more so as additional carrier solutions become available. It should not be incumbent on e-commerce platforms – or their retailers – to solve these challenges on their own,” said Laura Behrens Wu, CEO and co-founder of Shippo. “Shippo removes this complexity by providing platforms like CASHDROP a comprehensive shipping solution that removes the headache from shipping, and enables all merchants with best-in-class shipping.” 

Powering Shipping For All E-Commerce Platforms and Marketplaces  

Our partnership with CASHDROP further exemplifies  our strong focus for supporting and enabling e-commerce platforms and technology providers with the building blocks they need for shipping. 

This year, we are doubling down on our platform offering to make key shipping infrastructure available for them. Subaccounts, live rates, and more carriers across the globe are just some of the features recently released or coming soon. 

If you are a platform and want shipping as a functionality, drop us a line!

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