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Jun 20, 2019

Your Shipping Label Software Needs These 4 Features

Your shipping label software is an integral part of your e-commerce operations. While you might not give it too much thought, it’s important to consider the features available—and which ones you need to streamline operations and provide a positive customer experience.

It’s important that you choose a shipping software that can provide more than just a printed shipping label. You need a tool that can use shipping to actually improve your business, like Shippo.

So when you’re considering your shipping label software, remember that you need the best discounted rates, e-commerce platform integrations, customization, and international shipping. (Hint: Shippo has all four.)

Here’s why.

Discounted Shipping Rates

Online retailers surveyed in 2023 consider shipping costs to be their biggest operational challenge. Any time there’s an opportunity to cut costs without sacrificing the customer experience, it’s important to capitalize on that.

Not only do you want discounted shipping rates, you want the lowest discounted rates. Shippo’s shipping solution, for example, will get you up to 90 percent off Retail rates for USPS and DHL Express. For some real-time examples of deeply discounted rates, try out our USPS postage calculator

When you add that up across all your orders that’s a lot of money. You can use those resources to invest in further growing your business or adding extra benefits for your customers to build loyalty and generate referrals.

Seamless E-commerce Platform Integrations

There are lots of great e-commerce platforms out there that allow you to build your store with little to no coding required.

The best e-commerce platform really depends on the nature of your business and what your growth goals are. One thing to consider when choosing your site builder is how it integrates with your shipping label software.

Unfortunately, some shipping label software options don’t work with the top e-commerce players. And if you end up migrating platforms later on, you’ll be limited in your options or be forced to migrate over to a new shipping software, as well.

When it comes down to it, you shouldn’t be limited in your choices simply because your shipping label software is limited. With Shippo, you can integrate with all of the top e-commerce platforms and third-party platforms. It’s a tool that can grow with you as your business evolves.

Branded Customization Options

Your logo might seem an insignificant detail, but visuals are more impressionable than words. And a mismatch could lead to dissatisfaction: 65 percent of consumers feel frustrated when a brand experience is inconsistent across different channels and touchpoints.

You’ve invested in developing a brand that resonates with your target audience. Do you really want it to fall flat when they receive the product, the most exciting part of the interaction?

That’s why it’s important to find a shipping label software that will let you add your brand to your packing slips and package tracking email notifications. This strengthens your brand image in the customer’s eyes and makes you more memorable.

You need a tool that allows for customizations of email notifications, packing slips, and other collateral associated with order fulfillment. Remember, omnichannel is all about consistency and tying everything together. Ensure a cohesive brand experience across the post-purchase journey.

International Shipping

87 percent of U.S.-based companies believe that international expansion is the key to driving future business growth. If you want to take advantage of the global economy, you need a shipping label software that can support that.

But with international expansion also comes new regulations and processes to abide by. In Sweden, for example, tax (VAT) is charged on shipping rates. Plus, anything sent abroad needs to go through customs. That requires additional forms and paperwork to describe the contents of the package.

Manually filling out customs forms for each order can be time consuming and put your business at risk of human error, delaying packages, and displeasing customers. Shippo automatically pre-fills customs forms to make it easy to ship internationally and focus on growing this area of your business instead of simply maintaining it.

Moving Forward With Your Shipping Label Software

Shippo checks all the boxes when it comes to must-have features in a shipping label software, with some of the biggest discounts in the industry. Not to mention the ability to support your business across various e-commerce platforms, create branded shipping notifications and packing slips to strengthen you brand, and expand into global commerce.

What’s next?

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