Discounted Shipping Rates and Simple Shipping Label Printing

Shippo is a multi-carrier shipping software tool that helps e-commerce stores save time and money on their shipping. Use Shippo’s heavily-discounted USPS and DHL Express shipping rates–up to 90% off Retail rates–to save money. Create labels in just three steps, one by one or in batches, saving you precious time. Spend more time catering to your customers and creating the perfect customer experience in your store and less time on shipping!

A lot of the shipping solution services out there only manage to meet one of the two goals outlined above. Moreover, they usually require a monthly fee that puts an additional cost burden on your e-commerce store. If you’re  shipping a low volume of products, paying this fee can be expensive and unreasonable at this early stage. You would much rather choose a service that is free and only charges you a minimal fee for shipping labels you actually purchase. It should be a shipping solution that ensures an optimization of your shipping process while at the same time offers you the chance to get the best discounted rates.

Shippo Makes Shipping Cheap and Easy

Shippo exactly meets these objectives. The philosophy is to offer you the cheapest-possible shipping rates while helping you streamline your shipping process to save time. For instance, you can check out what amazing USPS shipping rates Shippo offers here.

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With Shippo, shipping is as easy as it should be.

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