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May 4, 2022

Ship Confidently with Improved Shipping Insurance Experience

Editors note: Shippo is now partnered with XCover and has introduced a new dashboard for web-app users. To learn more about our latest shipping insurance offering, how it works within our product, and the added benefits that come with it, visit our help center article here.

For online sellers trying to debate if shipping insurance is worth it, the answer for many cases will be a resounding yes. With nearly 1.7 million packages lost every day1, the need to protect your shipments and provide a better customer experience is more important than ever. That’s made possible with shipping insurance.

Shippo provides shipping insurance through Shipsurance, a trusted, 3rd party provider that offers up to 50% discounted coverage of most major shipping carriers. Adding Shipsurance via Shippo guarantees full care and protection at a low price so your revenue stays intact, and your customers are given peace of mind.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated the experience so that adding shipping insurance when purchasing a label is now easier and clearer than ever!

See what’s new:

Add Shipping Insurance or Signature Confirmation

We’ve positioned the add-ons of shipping insurance and signature confirmation right above the carrier rate options so you can easily see any extras your order might need.

Know Exactly What’s Covered

Though Shipsurance will offer coverage for many items that major carriers won’t, there are some notable exceptions. We’ve added this information to make it clearer, as well as some additional resources related to protecting your order.

Sync Order Items and Total Value

Any order items and total value will automatically sync from your store/marketplace connection and calculate the cost of shipping insurance. You can also manually enter the items you want to insure, as well as its total value.

See Shipping Insurance Cost Before You Buy

You can see the low cost of adding shipping insurance to your total right before you buy the label. You’ll see an itemized view of the carrier service level rate and shipping insurance fee prior to your purchase.

In addition, we’ve automatically enabled signature confirmations for any orders with a total value of $500 or more.

Insuring your orders with Shipsurance via Shippo means you’ll get access to:

File an online claim directly on Shipsurance’s site. No paperwork necessary!

Get paid swiftly via PayPal or physical check to keep your business on and operating.

Save with Shipsurance’s discounts –you’ll only pay 1.25% of the insured shipment value. Bonus: Pro/Premier Plan users only pay 1%! (Minimum insurance cost will be $1.00 across all pricing plans)

Protect your revenue from damaged or lost packages, and keep customers secure and satisfied by signing up for a free Shippo account today. If you’re already a Shippo customer, simply head to your Orders page to add shipping insurance. You can also check out our help center for additional information and tips.

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