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Nov 30, 2021

Shippo Ships It: Updates on Search, Packing Slips, & Manifests

We at Shippo are committed to making shipping as easy and seamless as possible for all our customers, especially now as e-commerce businesses face the mounting pressure and challenges of peak season. We’ve had a busy year releasing updates to improve your e-commerce shipping experience, including major features like automations and rates at checkout, to minor yet equally significant features like hiding service levels. 2021 may be coming to a close, but that hasn’t slowed us down from shipping new features this quarter to help our merchants save time, streamline fulfillment processes, and provide a better experience for their own customers. Here are a few exciting updates you’ll see when using Shippo to power your e-commerce shipping during peak and beyond:

Search & Filter

We’ve updated our search and filter feature so that you are now able to sort by either relevance or order creation date.

For example, if you search “blue jeans” and sort by relevance, you’ll see all “blue jeans” related results at the top, and “blue shirts” or “denim jeans” closer to the bottom. In addition, we’ve made it easier to directly filter your search results with the most common options: date, destination, weight, shops, and/or customer shipping method.

Let us search for exactly what you need so that you can focus on getting those packages out the door and right to your customers’ doorsteps!

Packing Slips

You can now hide item prices, add your store policy, and include a note on your packing slips for a more customized experience.

Is your customer sending a gift? Keep the total cost a secret! Shipping out items that are final sale? Add your return policy so expectations are clearly communicated. Want to show customers your appreciation? Include a special Thank You note.

Tailor your packing slips to your unique brand needs, and instill small delights into your deliveries.


Manifests are a one-page document with a single barcode that carriers can scan to accept several packages at the same time, without the need to scan each package one-by-one.

We’ve upgraded the look of manifests so that it’s clearer what labels you have available to manifest, as well as your recent manifest history. Check out manifests to see how you can save time and streamline your processes!

Note that the updated interface for manifests is only currently available for users creating SCAN forms via USPS.

Incorporating these small but mighty features into your workflow can help improve customer satisfaction, drive efficiencies, and save time for your business.

We have much more to come, and look forward to sharing even more updates in the following months. Sign up for a free Shippo account free today and let us handle the complexities of shipping for you.

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