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Nov 4, 2021

Offer Transparent and Accurate Shipping Options with Shippo’s Rates at Checkout

You do everything you can to save on your business’ shipping costs, but too-high rates at checkout can deter many consumers from making a purchase in the first place. With a more streamlined experience that passes live rates directly from the carrier to your customers, everybody wins. By showing real-time estimates that better match your actual shipping costs,  you can provide the most affordable and convenient shipping options to consumers, and ultimately inspire more purchases.

With Shippo’s Rates at Checkout, we power the shipping rates shown in your store’s checkout experience by calculating estimates of shipping costs based on the contents in the cart and shipping destination. 

Provide a more streamlined experience by passing live rates directly from carriers to consumers at check out. Rest easy knowing that the shipping estimates shown will better match your actual shipping costs, so your customers get the most affordable and convenient shipping options. All there’s left to do is checkout.

Deliver the best checkout shipping options with rates delivered in real time

Rates at checkout can be configured as either flat or live rates, depending on your business’ needs: 

  • Flat Rate: Shoppers will see a set, static shipping cost regardless of what’s in their cart or their final shipping destination.
  • Live Rate: Shoppers will see a dynamic shipping cost that is calculated based on the contents of their cart, their shipping address, and the package dimensions set within Shippo. Shippo will gather rates for the carriers you’ve selected, return the cheapest carrier rate, and add any rate adjustments to the final rate shown to your shoppers.

Transparent and Accurate Pricing

Instead of estimates that can potentially overcharge or undercharge, give your customers a more transparent and accurate experience based on the items in their cart and shipping destination.

Access to Shippo’s Extensive Carrier Network

Rates at checkout are powered by as many Shippo-connected carriers as you want, whether via your own negotiated account or a Shippo master carrier account. Gain access to our network of over 85 global carriers, including regional carriers other platforms can’t provide, so that your customers can enjoy the best shipping option for their orders.

Eliminate Post-Purchase Errors with a More Automated Process

Because the rates shown and selected at checkout will automatically map to the rate assigned at label generation, you’ll save time and eliminate potential human error in your workflow. Your customers and your team will have the most accurate shipping estimate throughout the entire process.

At Supreme Bean Pie, marketing & sales manager Ishaqq M is already reaping the benefits in offering clear and competitive pricing to customers: “Implementing Shippo’s rates at checkout has allowed our customers to further enjoy reduced shipping costs, and has increased our average order value by 15%. Not only have we seen an increase in average order, but we are at ease knowing that we are as transparent and accurate as we can be and eliminating unwanted post-purchase errors. We are very happy to finally be able to offer this feature to our customer base.”

Currently, rates at checkout are available to shippers with Wix Stores. You can easily connect your Wix Store and set up rates at checkout by navigating to Settings > Rates at Checkout > Add Shipping Option. For additional information and tips, check out our help article or watch the product tutorial below

We’ll be rolling out rates at checkout across our other technology partners in the near future, too, and we can’t wait to share more updates with you soon. Sign up for our newsletter below, and be sure to follow us on social media to stay in the know about our latest announcements.


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