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Jun 29, 2023

Q2 2023 Product Roundup: HAZMAT, Store Connections, and International Upgrades

At Shippo, we strive to make shipping as easy and affordable as possible for our merchants. In line with this commitment, we’ve made some updates in Q2 that helps enhance the shipping experience for our customers.

We’ve made it easier for our merchants to ship internationally as well as centralize all of their orders into one Shippo account, added in a new discounted and convenient FedEx returns service level, and helped make the process for shipping HAZMAT goods smoother.

Easily Ship Internationally

Seamless International Orders Management

In early Q2, we added customs forms into the Orders page side panel so merchants can easily manage international shipment details directly from the Orders page. To help expedite the label creation process, Orders items have also been consolidated with Customs options.

Expedited International Label Creation

We also added in international default preferences, allowing merchants to set defaults for the following international fields: Incoterm, purpose of shipment, and Tax ID. To learn more about these specific fields, click here.

By no longer needing to manually enter in this information for each shipment, merchants can save time and reduce errors.

Easy Customs Forms Filling

Whenever goods are being shipped from the United States, Canada, or to/from the EU/UK, merchants will be shown the most relevant customs fields they’re required to fill out when creating a label, making the customs forms filling process much simpler and more relevant. Here is how each of the advanced options will look depending on your shipping origin:

US to Anywhere
Canada to Anywhere
UK_EU to anywhere and vice versa

Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free Returns

Early Q2, we also introduced a new returns service level to provide our merchants with more options for convenient and affordable returns. Approximately 91% of consumers say that the overall ease of their returns experience impacts their willingness to shop with a retailer again. With our new service level, FedEx Ground® Returns, merchants can provide a convenient returns experience for their customers to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

FedEx Ground Returns is an affordable and speedy 1-5 day delivery option that allows merchants to reduce customer friction, receive products back fast, process customer refunds quickly, save on return shipping costs, and streamline their process.

To use FedEx Ground® Returns, all you have to do is select FedEx Ground® Economy when creating a label and choose “Create a return label” under package options. A FedEx Ground® Returns label will automatically be generated and printed alongside your shipping label. Simply include this return label inside the package to make returns hassle-free for your customers. Rest assured, you won’t be charged for the return until a FedEx rep scans the return label. Please note for residential shipments, there is a $5.50 surcharge.

Even if you’ve already shipped a package using a different service level, you can still print a FedEx Ground® Returns label to keep your return costs low.

Connect All Stores for a Streamlined Shipping Process

In late Q2, we introduced a new feature that helps increase efficiency for our merchants. Merchants can now connect multiple stores from one e-commerce platform to Shippo (e.g., two Shopify stores). This will help save time by managing orders and purchasing labels for all stores in one Shippo account. To connect a store, click here.

Also, in case you didn’t know, multiple store platforms can be connected to Shippo for seamless order management (e.g. a Shopify store and a Wix store).

Easily Declare HAZMAT Shipments

For those shipping HAZMAT goods, USPS is implementing a new policy starting on July 9th that impacts how you ship out your goods. Starting on July 9th, merchants are required to declare that they’re shipping a HAZMAT item when creating a shipping label. To help with this, we released a feature that allows merchants to select “Shipment contains hazardous materials” under Package options when creating a label so merchants can properly declare that they’re shipping a HAZMAT good.

This new policy is in addition to the existing HAZMAT requirements announced last year. To help optimize safety, Shippo-supported HAZMAT shipments are limited to ground transportation. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in suspension from printing USPS labels.

Although we’ve made some significant updates in Q2, we’re not done yet. For the remainder of the year, we’re looking forward to making shipping faster, simpler, and more efficient for both our merchants and partners. For the latest product updates, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook or be sure to check the Shippo emails that are sent straight to your inbox!

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