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Aug 27, 2018

Monthly Product Digest: Batch Email Notifications, Multi-location Support, and More

This month, we’re handing the microphone to our customer support team. These folks are the ones in the trenches with you day in and day out—they know that the little things can make a big difference for your overall success.

That’s why we’re going straight to the source to hear what improvements and fixes—no matter how small—have got them grinning. We hope they make you smile, too!

First up, we have Amanda—the No. 1 Houston Astros fan. She also likes the Houston Rockets, but she enjoys helping you rocket launch your business even more.

Amanda’s fave feature fix?

Sending Email Notifications for Batch-fulfilled Orders

“We now allow you to send email notifications in batch—a great way to save you time on communications with consumers! Simply select the orders you’d like to send the notification for, and then choose ‘Send email notification for selected orders’ from the green drop-down menu at the top of the page.

You can send yourself a preview of Shippo’s notification email in Settings > Notifications. And, pro tip: you can also automatically send email notifications for all packages by moving the toggle to ‘on’ within that same Settings page.”

Next is Rebekah. She had a #proudmom moment recently when she found out her second grader will be learning to design and build a computer game. While her kids are learning to code, she’s helping you decode your shipping complexities.

Rebekah’s been over the moon about updates to our label generation workflow.

Updates to Our New Workflow

“I’m so excited about our new workflow that we rolled out earlier this year. It automatically suggests a service level to speed up the label generating process. A couple additions since launching the new workflow is that we’ve added the ability to split orders for partial fulfillment and users can also bypass address validation if they wish.

If you haven’t turned on the new workflow yet, you can do so in Settings > Account.”

Adam has a hat collection almost the size of his new house. While he loves a good ball cap, he doesn’t like a cap on business productivity or success, so he’s here to support your goals for growth.

Adam’s been hard at work helping customers navigate some of the recent changes made by Shopify. He’s pumped that Shippo has made it even easier for Shopify users to adapt to these updates.

We’ve Improved Our Shopify Shipping Multi-Location Support

“Shopify recently introduced the ability to use multiple POS or shipping locations. This is exciting new functionality for businesses who want to or currently manage inventory in multiple places.

The locations or shipping origin addresses you entered in Shopify will connect automatically to Shippo to ensure your Sender Addresses are consistent across platforms. Currently, these addresses are provided in a ‘Read-only’ format from Shopify and are therefore only available to edit on the Shopify platform and not within Shippo.

To give sellers more flexibility during the fulfillment process, we’ve updated our support of this feature so that users with only one Shopify address can use any sender address to fulfill orders, plus those users can make any address the default sender address.”

Harish loves to get outdoors and enjoy nature. He likes to run outside and is here to help you run your business efficiently.  

Harish is excited to help users shipping items with unique dimensions.

Get Rates for Parcels With 0” Dimensions

“Web app users can now request shipping rates for parcels with 0” dimensions. This is great for sellers shipping via USPS Soft Pack. Soft Pack refers to parcels shipped inside of bags/sacks with the Priority Mail service level.”

Our customer support team helps businesses around the world succeed through shipping. And, we’re hiring! If you’re interested in joining our passionate CS team, submit an application at

For more product updates, check out our recent posts from July and June.

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Jeff Stone
was Shippo's VP of Customer Success.

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