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Aug 7, 2019

New! Print Wix Shipping Labels with Shippo

Wix merchants rejoice! You can now connect your Wix store with Shippo to print Wix shipping labels for your orders. No more uploading orders via CSV or manually entering information for each order. When you connect your Wix store, all of your new orders, along with all of the relevant data—Order Number, Date, Customer Address, Item, and shipping information—will automatically sync to Shippo.

Once orders are imported into Shippo, getting them to your customers is quick and easy. All that’s left to do is to choose your preferred carrier and service level for shipping from the available options and print Wix shipping labels that are pre-filled with the customer information from your Wix store. You can also generate packing slips for each order and schedule a carrier pickup within Shippo once your orders are ready to ship.

2 Options to Connect Your Store and Print Wix Shipping Labels

Through the Shippo Web App: In your Shippo dashboard, navigate to Settings and then choose E-commerce Channels. From here, you’ll find Shippo’s newest supported channel: Wix. Simply press Connect to start the magic. See the step-by-step connection guide here. Last step is to log in to your Wix account and give Shippo permission to import data from Wix. That’s it. Now, all of your Wix orders will show up in the Shippo Orders page and you can easily send them off to happy customers. 

Add the Shippo App from the Wix App Store: The Shippo app is now live in the Wix app store. From the app page, choose +Add App and then Allow and Install on the next screen. All that’s left is to log in to your Shippo account or, if you don’t already have a Shippo account, you can quickly create one for free. All of your Wix orders will automatically import to Shippo and you can start easily.

Shippo automatically syncs order data back to Wix

When you fulfill an order with Shippo, the package tracking information will sync back to Wix and the order will automatically be marked as fulfilled in you Wix Dashboard. 

Need Help, Have Thoughts or Feedback?

Reach out to us. Our team of shipping experts are always happy to help you get up and running with the new Wix connection, print Wix shipping labels, or with any of your other shipping questions. Feel free to start a chat with us here, or email us at

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