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Jul 14, 2022

Meeting Customer Expectations with Same-Day Delivery Through Swyft

It’s no secret Amazon changed the e-commerce shipping game. Since the launch of Amazon Prime in 2005, the company set the standard that fast and free shipping are both easy to come by and a basic requirement of online shopping. In fact, Shippo’s 2021 State of Shipping Report shows that 66% of consumers want a package delivered in less than 3 days, with 18% of those preferring same- or next-day delivery. 

Amazon established a precedent, and today, consumers have come to expect this level of service from all merchants, most of whom lack the scale and operational efficiency that Amazon maintains. According to our 2022 E-Commerce & Shipping Benchmarks Report, packages today spend an average 3.4 days in transit before reaching their final destination – for beauty and skincare merchants, this jumps to 6.3 days. Clearly, the reality of parcel delivery is not in-line with current expectations. 

The State of Fast Delivery’s Same-Day Delivery Market Report 2021-2025 suggests that day-of deliveries in the US are expected to grow by $9.8B across these four years, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.31%. 

Big box retailers are investing in same-day delivery capabilities, as Target has done with Shipt and Walmart with Instacart, further raising the bar for independent retailers. While many national and international carriers – including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL – offer express delivery options, they could be cost prohibitive for a growing merchant.

That’s where Swyft comes in. Swyft is a marketplace that brings regional couriers together in a single integration to offer affordable, scalable, and seamless one-day delivery. As a fully-managed carrier solution, Swyft is designed to provide great rates without compromising on service speed or quality. Beyond making the connection between merchants and regional shipping carriers, Swyft offers its carrier partners experienced operations guidance and on-demand customer service so they can focus on their deliveries.

Starting today, Shippo merchants can add Swyft as a new carrier option, opening up an opportunity for fast delivery across a number of major metropolis markets in North America, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Why should I use Swyft?

Swyft is a unique solution that brings together last-mile carriers in a more efficient way – a huge value-add for businesses looking to optimize its logistics workflow. Benefits of using Swyft include:

  • Service Reliability: Swyft boasts a 98% on-time delivery rate. Compare this to USPS, which has a goal of 95% on-time delivery. With this level of service reliability, merchants can feel confident in their customers’ Swyft shipping experience.
  • Improved Customer Experience: The average consumer checks an order tracking page an average of 3.5 times per order. And with approximately one in 10 packages arriving damaged or not at all, consumers expect reliability. Swyft provides detailed tracking updates and photo proof of delivery for every package to help ensure that the customer’s experience with your brand is not negatively impacted due to shipping snafus. 
  • Hand-in-hand Support: Just as consumers expect personalized and responsive customer support from the brands they shop with, so do those merchants from the services they use. Swyft cares deeply about the customer experience, and guarantees service response times within the hour. 

Is Swyft a good option for me?

For many merchants, access to faster delivery seems like a no-brainer – whatever enhances the customer experience is a positive step forward. The reality is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

When evaluating same-day delivery providers, take time to understand costs, capacity, and service area. You’ll also want to make sure working with the provider doesn’t actually complicate your existing shipping policies and processes. 

Swyft is geared towards a mid- to high-volume business shipping less-than-truckload (LTL). You should consider Swyft if your business:

  • Ships over 1,000 packages per month in major metropolitan cities (Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, and Dallas in the U.S., and Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary in Canada)
  • Primarily focuses on packages weighing between 2-20 pounds
  • Uses small-to-medium boxes or poly mailers
  • Sells apparel, beauty, and jewelry (items weighing between 2-20 pounds tend to do best)

How do I get access to Swyft? 

Merchants interested in using Swyft have two ways to access the tool. 

First, you can add Swyft as a carrier directly to your Shippo account. To do this, reach out to your Shippo rep or contact our support to be connected to a Swyft Account Executive. Together, you will evaluate the best Swyft solution for your needs, sign a service agreement, and get access to Swyft’s integration in Shippo. 

Shopify-based merchants also have the option to download the Swyft app from the Shopify App Marketplace and enable Swyft as a shipping option at checkout.

For more information on getting your one-day shipping program up and running with Swyft, learn more at or reach out to the team at Shippo. Our experienced product specialists can help you understand the best ways to offer same-day or next-day delivery based on your business’s unique situation.

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