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Jun 3, 2024

Shippo's May Product Roundup: Multi-piece shipping for UPS, USPS enhancements, and easier returns

We're excited to share updates we’ve made to our platform to make your shipping experience smoother and more cost-effective. This month, we've introduced a variety of updates to our API, such as the ability to ship multiple packages with UPS and minimize USPS package rejections or returns. Additionally, we’ve made it easier and quicker than before to create return labels within our Web App. These updates are here to help you ship more efficiently, save on costs, and deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

What’s new in our API

Ship multiple packages in one shipment with UPS

You can now create, manage, and track multiple packages under a single shipment ID for UPS. If rate shopping, you can include up to 50 packages; if creating labels, up to 200 packages, with requests over 40 packages requiring the parameter “async: true” to be passed in the request. By consolidating shipments, you can save on costs and time, improve efficiency, and enhance your customer’s delivery experience. To learn how to create a multi-piece shipment, read our API docs

Reduce label fees with new UPS reference field sorting 

Say goodbye to compliance issues and unnecessary label fees, and take control of your UPS label specifications. With the new "ref_sort" parameter in the Shippo API, you can now specify the order of reference fields, ensuring compliance with your merchants' label specs, improving accuracy, and avoiding costly errors. To learn more, read our API docs

Minimize USPS package rejections or returns 

Shippo now guarantees that electronic manifests (SPEF) are sent to USPS within 15 minutes and label manifests (SSF) are submitted daily, with automatic resubmission for any failures. This commitment guarantees compliance with USPS regulations which state that effective August 1, USPS shipments lacking timely manifests will be flagged as fraudulent or abandoned. By implementing real-time monitoring and alert systems, we help you prevent package rejections or returns, so you can meet your delivery promises and save on unused labels.

What’s new in our Web App

Quickly generate return labels with ease

The average return rate for ecommerce is typically 20% to 30% - that’s roughly 1 in every 3 packages being returned. To ensure your operations can efficiently manage high volumes of returns, you need a quick and easy returns process. 

Our newly enhanced returns experience in the Web App provides just that. When you’re creating a return label through the “Create return label” flow, you can now modify the package details on your return shipment. For instance, you can adjust the weight and dimensions of a package, apply a saved package template or carrier provided parcel, as well as add options like HAZMAT and insurance to your return shipment. Plus, you now have the ability to modify both the sender and return addresses if needed. With these enhancements, quickly generate return labels with ease and save time. 

Edit addresses and the package details of your return shipment.

Add insurance or signature confirmation to your return shipment.

To learn how to set up returns in the API and generate a return label, read our API docs.
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