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Introducing Our New “How to Shippo” Video Series

By: Michelle McNamara | August 20, 2018

Here at Shippo, our goal is to remove all friction from shipping to make it easier for businesses like yours to get products to their rightful destination. As part of these efforts, we want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the features Shippo has to offer to help you ship faster and smarter. That’s why we’re introducing our new video series: How to Shippo.

In this new series, we’ll be covering how to use Shippo’s features, tips for setting up the best-possible shipping strategy and processes, and general advice for e-commerce sellers. Our first videos highlight the basics: how to import orders and print your first label.

How to Print Your First Label

If you’re testing Shippo for the first time, start here. This video will take you through how to print your first label manually via the Shippo web app. This is a great option if you have many variables in your shipping mix. For example, if your products require a wide range of boxes sizes and weights, then you’ll want to start by manually entering the information for each shipping label.

How to Print Labels in Batch

If you find yourself shipping the same dimensions and weights all of the time, then using Batch will make shipping your products dramatically easier. That way, you can print labels for all of your similar orders at one time. The good news is even if you choose different service levels (to get the product to the recipient within different time frames), you can still use Batch.

How to Import Orders Via CSV File

Once you’re familiar with printing your shipping labels, next you’ll want to import your orders. You can always manually add order information and print the label. To speed up the process for multiple orders, you can import orders via CSV file and then print your labels.

We are continuing to make more “How to Shippo” videos to answer all of your Shippo and shipping-related questions. To stay up to date, subscribe to the Shippo YouTube channel.

Michelle McNamara

Content Strategist at Shippo

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