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May 9, 2023

How Shipping Elements is Powering the Future of E-commerce Platforms

Shipping is one of the most complex, time-consuming, and expensive aspects of running an e-commerce business. That’s why Shippo set out to build the shipping layer of the internet. Everything you buy online needs to get to its physical destination, and customers have high expectations for a smooth experience.

Delivering that seamless experience has become table stakes for large e-commerce platforms and logistics companies. Merchants choose providers that offer a breadth of services to help them scale and reduce complexity, and few features are as important as shipping. Merchants also want to eliminate the need to use multiple 3rd-party apps. That’s why the top e-commerce platforms in the world have moved to a native shipping experience in recent years. Shippo currently powers shipping for Shopify, Square, Squarespace, and many more. The recent announcement with our partners at Wix is further validation of the value Shippo unlocks for e-commerce technology partners.

It also reinforces why we launched Shipping Elements. For these large partners, adding new technology to their stack can be slow and expensive, and building an easy-to-use shipping UI is hard. Shipping Elements is the result of Shippo’s last nine years of building world-class shipping capabilities for online brands. We’re excited that this new product allows us to offer that same expertise directly to the platforms themselves.

With Shipping Elements, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and tool providers like order and inventory management systems can now offer best-in-class shipping to their customers directly within their own UI. Made up of fully customizable, embeddable components, Elements enables e-commerce platforms to quickly provide Shippo’s world-class shipping capabilities and deliver a fully native experience to their merchants.

We Built it, So You Don’t Have to

Shipping Elements gives e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and tool providers like order and inventory management systems the ability to launch quickly and without the need to invest in large development teams. Integrate once and you unlock the full power of Shippo’s API infrastructure, combining access to 18 different endpoints with world-class connectivity and reliability (99.99% uptime).

Partners like Wix continue to give us enthusiastic feedback about how fast Elements can be deployed. Some partners have launched their first Elements proof of concept in less than a day.

And the merchant engagement our partners are seeing speaks volumes:

  • 54% increase in users shipping through the platform (instead of 3rd-party apps)
  • 91% increase in the number of users generating shipping rates
  • 83% increase in users purchasing their first shipping label

It has never been so easy to deliver shipping capabilities that are so extensive.

Shippo’s World-class Shipping Capabilities

Once Elements is integrated, platforms can provide their merchants with the full range of Shippo’s features and benefits.

Global carrier coverage and industry-leading rates

Out of the box, Shippo maintains connectivity with 37 carriers around the world, and merchants can access discounts up to 89% off list prices for shipping labels. We also maintain compliance with all carrier requirements for you. Our team can consult with you to configure the best integrations specifically for your business.

End-to-end order management

Order details populate automatically to speed up label purchases, and fulfillment status is updated in real-time. Merchants can track shipments, notify customers, and streamline returns.

Advanced functionality for large retailers

Manifests, address verification, shipping insurance, customs invoices, and reporting and analytics can all be accessed through Shipping Elements.

Dedicated support

Our Support Team are shipping experts and can assist you with anything from product questions to carrier knowledge. We also offer dedicated Customer Success teams for high-volume partners.

Is Your Shipping on Brand?

Native shipping isn’t really native if it doesn’t blend seamlessly into your product. The Elements front-end is customizable, so you control how it looks in your interface and can deliver a consistent brand experience to your customers.

To learn more about how Shipping Elements can jump start shipping for your business in less than 30 days, reach out to your account manager or get in touch with one of our experts.

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