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Jul 18, 2022

Boost Sales and Engagement with New Package Tracking Features

If you didn’t catch the exciting updates we made to our email notifications and package tracking pages a couple months back, we’re thrilled to announce even more features to help you boost your sales, strengthen brand loyalty and recognition, and continue to deliver the best customer experience.

Now in Shippo, you can re-engage, recommend, and promote your products and business in emails and order tracking pages to your customers. You can also add a reply-to email address and return policy directly on your shipment email notifications for better transparency and to lessen customer inquiries. On average customers visit order tracking pages 3.5 times per order. These new updates give your business a better opportunity to make the most of each visit.

Keep reading to see how these updates can positively affect your business:

Transparent Communication for an Excellent Post-Purchase Experience

Assign a reply-to email address and provide your return policy in your shipment and delivery emails to better set customer expectations and triage support inquiries. Customers will have full transparency in how to best reach out to your business about their orders. 

Connect Customers with Branded Content

On top of that, we’ve introduced additional ways for Pro and Premier Plan shippers to connect with customers through our new reengagement content blocks. In the Spotlight section, you can foster and nurture community with your customers by embedding product tutorial videos or linking review sites.

Recommend Products and Repeat Business On Package Tracking Pages

Pro and Premier Plan shippers can also add product recommendations to both emails and package tracking pages to encourage repeat business and purchase of related/popular items. Studies have shown that just a 5% increase in customer retention could lead to a 25-95% increase in profits. One of the easiest ways to retain customers is to meet them at package tracking pages, a place you already know they’re going to be.

Promote Exclusive Opportunities, Sales, and Events

Last but not least, Pro and Premier Plan shippers can now add a promotion section on delivery emails, and up to 2 promotions on tracking pages. It’s a great opportunity to highlight any special sales, upcoming events, exclusive discounts, and more. This helps to ensure that your marketing strategies aren’t just being targeted at potential new customers but at existing customers as well. 

Package tracking is essential to every successful e-commerce business and helps provide a great customer experience, lessen support inquiries, and showcase additional products and branded content. We’ve made it easier than ever for your customers to know exactly where their packages are at all times, as well as opportunities to upsell your products and services and support your brand identity.

Interested in seeing our new tracking experience in action? Register for our webinar, Creating a Branded Experience, on Friday, July 22 at 11 am PT for a walkthrough, and pick up some tips and tricks on the way!

Deliver an excellent post-purchase experience, and discover opportunities to boost your sales and customer engagement by enabling tracking in Shippo today. Don’t forget to try out a 30-day free trial of Pro Plan and take advantage of our newest tracking features!

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