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Feb 21, 2019

Here’s the Best Shopify Shipping API for E-commerce Businesses

If you want to customize the integration of your Shopify store and shipping software, you’ll likely want to consider an application program interface, commonly known as an API. A Shopify shipping API will connect your shipping software with Shopify, allowing the two platforms to transfer data to one another to streamline operations.

A Shopify shipping API lets you customize your fulfillment process and workflow to meet your unique needs, whether technical or operational.

Looking for a Shopify shipping API to install for your e-commerce store? Whether you’re established or just getting started, Shippo is the best shipping API for growing Shopify stores looking to save time and money, fulfill and ship at scale, and delight customers. Plus, Shippo has an easy-to-use Shopify shipping app, in addition to a customizable API, granting users more options for integrating with Shopify.

Why Shippo Is the Best Shopify Shipping API

1. Save Time and Money

While time is money, and less time spent managing orders and shipping means more money in your pocket, Shippo also proactively saves businesses money. With Shippo, you can quickly compare and get the best shipping rates with more than 50 global and regional carriers. Shippo’s USPS API offers discounted rates—up to 90 percent less than Retail rates. Plus, it optimizes your Shopify shipping rates so you can meet your bottom line.

Since online retailers consider shipping costs to be their #1 biggest operational challenge according to our latest State of Shipping Report, this is always a welcome benefit.

Gabriella Jacobsen, founder of eco-friendly e-tailer Green Upward, saves time and money with Shippo for her online store.

“Saving time and money is crucial for small businesses,” she says. “I used Shippo after launching my Kickstarter and in the first months of my business because it was so easy to set up and has very competitive prices.” Now, Green Upward is a thriving multi-channel business.

2. Fulfill and Ship at Scale

Automated workflows not only keep things moving efficiently, but they also help you maintain sustainable growth. And, with a shipping API, you can customize your workflows to exactly fit your needs. As your business expands and sales increase, these automations work to keep your order fulfillment on track.

Plus, Shippo not only helps with getting orders out, but it also helps your organize the returns coming back in.

And if an international expansion is in your plan, Shippo’s already got you set up with more than 50 international and regional carriers. You’ll be able to get your brand and products in front of consumers across the globe.

You can also use a Shopify shipping API to gain better insights into your business and make data-driven decisions to improve. Track shipping spend and efficiency over time, identify problem areas, and work to fix them. If you analyze, iterate, and review, you’ll be well on your way to scaling your biz.

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Rootine Vitamins uses Shippo to manage its order fulfillment, and Shippo helped the company fulfill and ship at scale. “Rootine creates personalized daily vitamin packs based on DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle, a process which requires careful coordination from a logistics perspective,” says co-founder and co-CEO Rachel Sanders. “Shippo allows us to stay organized when fulfilling and shipping at scale, helping ensure we’re providing our customers with the best experience possible.”

3. Build Customer Loyalty for Ongoing Sales

Customer retention is more cost effective than customer acquisition, and it’s one area where shipping can make a big difference. And as consumers are demanding more of online brands, particularly when it comes to fulfillment, it’s important to keep up—or risk being forgotten.

For example, did you know that 15 percent of shoppers want same-day or next-day shipping? There’s also been a 10 percent increase in e-tailers offering free returns from 2017 to 2018. And two-thirds of small and medium-sized retailers offer some type of free shipping.

Shipping is becoming complex, and businesses have to meet consumer expectations conditioned by Amazon. With Shippo, you can offer flexible shipping options to your customers so that their orders arrive quickly, safely, and inexpensively.

In fact, KetoLuxe has remained a loyal Shippo customer for many years because of the tracking and post-purchase capabilities. “Our customers respond positively to receiving tracking information,” says owner Samantha Lemley. “They don’t have to guess when a package will be arriving, and that has built loyalty for us.” This also helps reduce customer support tickets fielding shoppers’ questions about estimated delivery dates.

How to Set Up a Shopify Shipping API

Whether your Shopify store is in its early stages or an established e-commerce site, Shippo’s Shopify shipping API can help you save time and money, fulfill and ship at scale, and build customer loyalty—all of which indirectly contribute to business growth.

You’ll likely need a developer to help you get started. Check out our in-depth API docs and detailed client libraries in our API overview to help you set up Shippo’s Shopify shipping API.

Contact us today to see how Shippo can work for your business.

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