USPS Priority Mail International

If you want reliable international shipping for packages weighing 4-70 pounds, USPS Priority Mail International is a great option that can connect you to more than 190 countries around the world without breaking the bank.

What is USPS Priority Mail International?

This cost-effective option for shipping heavier boxes and envelopes internationally has an average delivery time of 6-10 business days, depending on the destination.

If you use a medium or large Priority Mail International Flat Rate Box, the maximum weight is 20 pounds. With a Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope or small Flat Rate Box, you’re subject to a maximum weight limit of 4 pounds.

In terms of pricing for different packaging options for Flat Rate products, rates in Shippo start at:

  • Flat Rate Envelope: $27.10
  • Small Flat Rate Box: $28.10
  • Medium Flat Rate Box: $51.90
  • Large Flat Rate Box: $67.50

When using variable pricing, your costs will be determined by the package’s weight and destination country. Discounted rates through Shippo start at $19.69 for weight-based shipments. If you ship with your own box, envelope, or custom packaging the maximum weight is 70 pounds, while the maximum dimensions are 46 inches in length and 108 inches for a combined length and girth.

You should be aware that certain countries have even lower weight limits. You can find more detailed information on this, along with a full list of country-specific restrictions, here.

Also note that USPS only directly handles shipments until they arrive at the destination country’s border, where the local postal service takes over to make the final delivery. As a result, the exact delivery time will vary according to the destination country’s shipping infrastructure.

The Benefits of USPS Priority Mail International 

There are several reasons why e-commerce businesses love shipping with USPS Priority Mail International, and one of the biggest is the service’s affordable cost. While other international shipping services — including others from USPS — offer slightly faster shipping times, they cost significantly more than Priority Mail International. 

Global Express Guaranteed (1-3 day shipping), for example, starts at $67.80, and Shippo-provided rates for Priority Mail Express International (3-5 day shipping) begin at $42.85. While Priority Mail International isn’t quite as fast as these other two options, it’s much less expensive and starts at just $28.50 with Shippo’s exclusive discounted rates.

If your shipment isn’t terribly urgent and can wait the 6-10 business days to arrive, USPS Priority Mail International will likely meet your international shipping needs. 

USPS Priority Mail International includes:

  • Free USPS tracking to keep tabs on the status of your package
  • Up to $100 of insurance for documents (up to $200 for merchandise)
  • A return receipt (when requested)

You may also qualify for free package pickup via USPS at either your home or place of business. 

Which E-Commerce Businesses Should Use USPS Priority Mail International?

USPS Priority Mail International is ideal for e-commerce merchants who need to ship heavier packages (weighing up to 70 pounds), and who are looking for a healthy mix of speed and affordability. While there are faster shipping services available from USPS, this is one of the more economical carrier options that still ensures a fairly fast delivery time to most regions of the world. 

If, however, you do need to ship an urgent delivery, you’ll want to opt for either Global Express Guaranteed or Priority Mail Express International. 

USPS Priority Mail International is also great for e-commerce businesses that want the peace of mind that comes from working with a reliable carrier like USPS. By including both package tracking and insurance, USPS offers the comfort of knowing where your shipment is at all times, and that it’s covered no matter what. 

Access Deep Discounts with Shippo

If lowering shipping costs is a priority for your e-commerce business, Shippo can help you find the absolute lowest prices on USPS Priority Mail International shipments. Because we partner with 85+ global carriers, we’re able to offer our customers discounts as high as 90% off standard retail rates. 

Use Shippo to seamlessly create labels for your packages and to pre-fill customs forms in order to streamline the international shipping process. If you have questions, we’ll help you navigate your way through customs forms and any other issues you may encounter. 

You can also use Shippo to:

  • Generate detailed shipment information to ensure addresses are 100% accurate
  • Build customized tracking pages to enhance the customer experience
  • Provide each customer with an up-to-date Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Send out customized shipping notifications, including your company’s brand elements
  • Generate free return labels 
  • Use robust analytics to track shipping spend, average price per package, and more to continually refine your international shipping processes

See why more than 100,000 brands trust Shippoand start saving up to 90% on your USPS international shipping needs. 

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